Friday, February 11, 2011


Life is all about simple pleasures, and really is there anything simpler or more pleasurable than making fun of Scientology?

Here's your daily dose of L. Ron Hubbard-inspired hilarious weirdness: Frank Stallone belting his way through a couple of predictably impenetrable sci-fi-themed songs penned by none other than the Scientology founder himself.

Gawker: The Best Scientology Video You'll See Today/2.11.11

You know, aside from getting the desperate, insecure and fundamentally lame-brained to cling to his every word, did Hubbard do anything at all in which he didn't prove himself to be a freaking hack?


Anonymous said...

Have you see the new Scientology commercial? I saw it for the first time this morning on NBC. Pumping in lots of cash to save their reputation I would imagine. Paul Haggis....kudos!!

slouchmonkey said...

You hate America for posting said video. My ears are bleeding. Plus, I can't help but think of, "Your mother's cu$% smells like carpet cleaner."

Much love.