Thursday, February 17, 2011

Search and Destroy

It should be beyond dispute by now that Glenn Beck's batshit crazy shtick is just that -- shtick. But I'm really starting to think that he's actually trying to make his audience of paranoid pensioners terrified of absolutely everything.

The Huffington Post: Glenn Beck Goes After Google/2.17.11

(Update: Cesca makes a really good point -- one that I'd initially considered but was naive enough to quickly dismiss as over-the-top -- that by demonizing Google, Beck is basically telling his minions that any information gleaned from it that debunks his ridiculous conspiracy theory matrix should be questioned. In other words, it can be translated into this cliché: "Don't you get it? You can't trust Google. They're in on the conspiracy!")


ntx said...

Did you know you can find pictures of naked ladies by looking on the Googles? Yup, they have a thing they call "Google Images." Try it. Just type in "naked ladies" and watch what happens. Case closed in my book!

Riles said...

That is pretty genius on his part. If the flock realized that it's really just facts that debunk Beck's theories.

Also, wouldn't it be better for everyone if Beck got people paranoid about REAL dangers? Like, natural gas exploration? Jesus, we're creating our own earthquakes by digging for this stuff.

Check it:

Anonymous said...

Even better, try searching "Blenn Beck naked" on Google!

Anonymous said...

It appears his writers are getting at least part of their "research" from the team of fuckwits Alex Jones employs. Jones has been spouting this NSA/Great Oz/Google connection for years. It is also fairly common behavior for cult leaders to demonize anyone or anything that threatens to enlighten their followers to reality versus the manufactured reality they sermonize. While Beck obviously doesn't believe all the diarrhea he spouts it doesn't make his rabid followers any less dangerous.

Narbe said...

Seriously, this guy is just an argument away from playing with his own feces on TV.

Bill Orvis White said...

Glenn just said to do your own research. Everything he said in that show was just a suggestion. So, I looked and it's true, Chez. Islamo-Fascists have joined with the Chinese Communists to run that Google thing. If you look closely at the two o's in Google, your eyes will see a combination of the hammer and sicle along with what my friends say is the face of Muhammed. It is said that when these two forces band together, they're plotting to impose Sharia Law on the West. This is scary stuff and I thank the Lord Almighty that Mr. Beck is around to tell us this.

Jadine said...

Just type "Glenn Beck is" into google search and you will get these;

an idiot
a racist
a liar
a douche