Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Dozens of guys I grew up with... were just like him. Overbearing, argumentative, Irish guys who think they know everything and can back up nothing. Those guys have always been a joke to me, which is why O'Reilly almost never has the capacity to outrage me, because he is just a joke to me most of the time."

-- Lawrence O'Donnell on Bill O'Reilly

I smell a donnybrook coming.


Riles said...

That was great.

And my favorite part was actually, "I know real Irish tough guys. They don’t look like you. And sound like you. And none of them come from Long Island like you. And none of them go to work in makeup like you."

Anonymous said...

On the plus side he's become a pretty funny internet meme thanks to his idiotic "you can't explain the tides" bit.


He's still no Foul Bachelor Frog though.