Sunday, February 06, 2011

Quote of the Day

"This is the 100th anniversary of people making up things about Ronald Reagan."

-- Andy Borowitz

I wonder if noted ultra-conservative hothead R. Lee Ermey will march up and down his street today singing "Happy Birthday, Mr. Reagan."

You know, in the midst of all the warm encomia the right will be orgiastically shooting all over the corpse of Saint Ronnie today, it's important to remember a couple of things, whether you agreed with his overall policies or not. Reagan authorized one of the largest tax increases in U.S. history, ran up the deficit well into the trillions and negotiated with terrorists, in fact arming them in an effort to secure the release of U.S. hostages.

In other words, if Reagan were around today, the screeching tea partiers would probably eat him for lunch.


Michael J. West said...

And you didn't even mention how he "cut and run" in Lebanon without "finishing the job."

Liz said...

No they wouldn't. They would hold a Reagan-themed circle jerk and convince themselves that their magical seed will change the U.S. of A back to the god-fearing country the founding fathers intended. Er, so I've been told.

B8ovin said...

You forgot about his cutting and running after the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut. Cause, you know cutting and running is another thing only socialists do...