Thursday, February 03, 2011

Quote of the Day

"CAUTION: Do NOT play 'Muslim Brotherhood' drinking game while watching Fox "News"! You will be dead drunk in 15 mins!"

-- The Brad Blog, via Twitter


Steven D Skelton said...

I've seen this line of thinking on a few posts over at huffpo....and I have to say it's absurd to not be concerned about who wins this scrum.

I fully recognize that this isn't an Islamist uprising, but that doesn't mean there aren't Islamists amongst the uprising and that when it's all said and done Egypt won't end up an Islamist state.

Despite being officially banned as a party, the Muslim Brotherhood is estimated to control nearly 20% of the parliament by running as independents. Furthermore, they aren't the only "scary muslim" group in Egypt.

Under dictatorship, Egypt is a moderate state. She recognizes and is at peace with Israel. She enforces the Gaza arms embargo.

Left leaning bloggers may get their ya-ya's out by ripping on Fox News, but I guarantee the Obama administration and the State Department are worried about what comes after Mubarak.

There is a big difference between Islamophobia and reasonable concerns.

Chez said...

Come on, Steven -- you're smarter than that. Any comment you've seen here isn't about whether or not the Muslim Brotherhood's motives and influence should closely examined; it's about the fact that Fox News -- by constantly beating the Muslim Brotherhood-Equals-Extremist-Threat drum, and almost exclusively that -- isn't expressing "reasonable concern." It's expressing unfounded paranoia meant to stoke people's worst fears.

Steven D Skelton said...


That the Muslim Brotherhood (or some other ideologically aligned group) would obtain power at the end of this scrum and establish an Islamist state in Egypt certainly isn't an unfounded paranoia.

If that wasn't a reasonable possibility, don't you think our government would calling for elections and the establishment of democracy? Would the VP be publicly backing Mubarak and embarrassing himself by denying that Mubarak is a dictator?

You probably watch more Fox News than I do. I watch Bret Baier and Shepherd Smith and that's it. I'll defend those two, but I'm loathe to defend the rest of the network, particularly the guys on at night. Certainly Fox is hyperbolic and fans the flames of paranoia...i.e. death panels and the like.

However, if they are talking about the odds of the establishment of an Islamic state in Egypt and the ramifications that would have on the geopolitical balance...then they have the story. That is the story. Period.

I disagree with Ari Melber...I don't care if they are tweeting. I disagree with Malcolm Gladwell....I don't care why they are uprising ( one likes a dictator) I disagree with the 9-11 widow and John Kerry..I don't care whether this is CIA or Mossaad approved.

And we can both be smart guys and disagree....that's why I read your blog.

Chez said...

Thanks as always for the compliment, Steven. See, though, my point, once again, wasn't that it isn't worth looking long and hard into whether the Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous and if their ascension might mean very bad things for the U.S. -- it's that that's really the only side Fox seems to be pushing. My point was that I heard the words Muslim Brotherhood over and over two days ago (and they continue to harp on it) without really touching on any of the other, potentially more favorable outcomes of all of this.

namron said...

Fox is really creating a tempest in a teapot. The Muslin Brotherhood? Guys who like cotton sheets! How could they be any threat to Egypt? I think Fox is trying to whip up the elite to go after the proletariat by demonizing cotton. Most of us, though, really prefer silk if we can afford it.

TheReaperD said...

Steven, even if you're right (and the experts are giving it 50/50 odds) what should we do about it?

The answer is nothing besides offering to support any open and democratically elected government. Anything else we would try to do would bite us in the ass sooner or later. The problem with supporting brutal dictators who favor our policies is that the population remembers that when they overthrow said dictators. Does anyone remember the US supporting The Shaw? What we're dealing with in Iran now is a direct result of that support. We keep damaging long term peace and security in the name of short term gain. The more paranoid of us would argue that has been the goal all along; Wag the Dog style.

Steven D Skelton said...


I can't add anything to what you've said....except....there is nothing for me to be right or wrong about. I make no predictions.