Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"I don't know if anybody's ever asked you directly, sir, but are you a lizard? ... I just want to know if he's a lizard who's tasted human flesh."

-- Louis CK to Donald Rumsfeld during an interview this morning on The Opie and Anthony Show

Louie's subtle and not-the-least-bit-subtle shots at Rumsfeld during what had to be the weirdest press junket appearance in recent memory constituted one for the ages. This is why Louie is probably the funniest and most vital comic working today.


Riles said...

Also good? Louis' comment on the youtube page:

"Mister Rumsfeld was courteous, but he gave me no reason to doubt that he is a lizard."

Love that guy.

slouchmonkey said...

"That is a easy mask to zip on and off. Every few years they update it so he ages." -- so. damn. funny.

Mart said...

My wife would instantly holler turn it when I remoted past his show on FX. I found it very entertaining, but would have to retreat to another room to watch.

FYI - Predict usual internet shit storm tomorrow over Letterman and Sen. Rand Paul. That was funny also, too.