Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"It boggles the mind that a major outlet could read these obviously satirical, fake quotes and treat them as the real deal."

-- Gossip Cop, engaging in a little schadenfreude after an embarrassing mistake by Us Weekly

Really -- does it?

You sure about that?

Is it really that easy to tell the difference between parody and reality when reality is such a perfect self-parody?


Dan Coyle said...

Why is Xtina trying to bite off Cyndi Lauper's look there?

Kevin Davis said...

Link? What was the mistake?

Chez said...

Lord do I suck. Didn't even realize that I forgot to put the link in. It's there now.

Bad blogger, bad.

TheReaperD said...

@Chez: No dark side cookie for you today!

Izar Talon said...

Wow. Anyone rad the comments over there? It's a full-on hardcore fascist redneck Palin-love fest!

Apparently now Liberals are bigots, misogynists, and sexists. And you know, really, doesn't the fact that we support equal opportunity and affirmative action really tell you that?

It's just so funny! Watching the Right having metal breakdowns as it accuses the Left of virtually every crime that they themselves are guilty of, all the while trying desperately to convince the world that Nazis were Lefties instead of Right-Wing.

I really love that accusation. Communists are on the Left. Fascism is in political opposition to Communism. That puts it on the Right. But not in Glenn Beck's world! No! In his world, Communism AND Fascism are on the Left, and DEMOCRACY is on the Right!

Glenn Beck is fucking DANGEROUS! These people watch him and fully believe that everything he says is 100% the truth. First watching that absolutely terrifying Iowa Republicans panel, and then reading those comments, which repeated almost verbatim the same accusations the Iowans made, that Liberals were bigots and sexists and the like. I's like, say something bad about Palin and the Tea Baggers com out of the woodwork regurgitating Glenn Beck talking points.

It's horrifying!