Thursday, February 03, 2011

Pyramid Steam

Is this funny?

Eh, not particularly.

Is it offensive and does it warrant an immediate apology from Kenneth Cole himself for having the insensitivity to make light of the situation in Egypt?

Oh for God's sake.

If Kenneth Cole wants to make it up to all of the protesters in Cairo -- who you know took time out from being beaten savagely with truncheons today to complain about this tweet -- he should just ship over a bunch of shoes they can remove and throw at Mubarak's presidential palace.


President Mubarak said...


TheReaperD said...

Ok, that was amusing "President Mubarak". Between Chez and you, that would have made a much better joke for Kennith Cole to use.

Izar Talon said...

Well, it was pretty tacky, and it wasn't funny. But did Kenneth Cole write it himself? Or did some lame advertising person write it? The most I could see being demanded of KC is firing the advertising writer, which seems like a pretty good idea anyway if that's his (or possibly her) best idea of a comment on the situation, making a joke about people rioting and being slaughtered to sell shoes and stuff. I don't see any reason to scream in outrage, but yeah, fire the jerk who wrote that crap, because I really doubt you're gonna get anything useful out of them anyway.

I mean, I like his designs. I've got a really snazzy 120 dollar watch from KC that I love, the single most expensive item to wear on my body that I own. A fashion plate I'm not. I own 4 pairs of shoes: my black suede Airwalks, my red Chucks, my KC dress shoes, and my black lowtop Doc Martens. And the Airwalks are 13 years old, the Chucks are fraying, and my girlfriend bought me the Docs.

Sorry, got off-track.

Is anyone really surprised that people in the fashion industry think like this? Haven't they ever watched any of those shows or read any articles where those freaks comment on the fashions celebrities wear to movie openings and the like? They go on and on and on about it like it's actually important. Their entire view of the world is so distorted that I really don't think they have any idea what's really going on in the world. show them video of the uprising in Egypt, and they'd probably go off in a screaming tangent about how unfashionably they're all dressed. Sometimes it makes me sick, until I stop and get a grip and realize that they're a big joke and don't matter. But it does still make me sick that they get paid so much money to prattle on about what famous people are wearing, meanwhile people are starving because they can't afford enough food. It just really drives home to me exactly how fucked up the world is.

Just fire the idiot who wrote it and forget about it. No need for outcry and no loss to Kenneth Cole. I mean, whoever wrote this is no more or less and idiot than Perez Hilton. He should be fired too. He lives in just as much a fantasy land as whatever twat wrote that crap. And while we're at it, let's get Joan Rivers and her daughter fired too, and see how quickly it takes Joan to decay into a pile of leathery skin once they take that hidden I.V. of vicodin and formaldehyde out of her arm.

Chez said...

No, of course he didn't write it himself. But it was he who felt the need to personally apologize.

Izar Talon said...

Well, I didn't imagine he wrote it himself. That was kinda my point, that it was stupid for people to get all worked up and angry at HIM and demand an apology from him in outrage, when he didn't even write it. Some brain-dead copy-writer at a who-knows-how-low level of employment with the company. I can understand the principle that since it was an employee of his, he has responsibility, and therefore I can understand why he would feel the need to apologize for it, but people feeling outrage against Kenneth Cole himself is kinda ridiculous.

That's why I said fire the dumbass who wrote it, because he obviously isn't a very good ad-writer. And I agree with you about sending shoes to throw at the president, because of that whole Middle-Eastern shoes being disrespectful thing. Even though it was a joke, I think it might be an effective idea for a little protest, or insult: take up a collection of people's old, worn-out, useless shoes, (the smellier the better) and ship them en masse to Mubarak. Or people could just get lots of people to send them individually on a specific date. As a sign of our warm affection for him. Call it something like: Give Mubarak a Sole (Because He Doesn't Have a Soul) :P

Yeah, I know it's a cheesy idea. I can't help it, I'm a geek.