Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Name We Do Not Speak

Just go here and click the corresponding links.

Seriously, this kind of thing is the definition of pathological.


Benoit from Ottawa said...


Dallas Taylor said...

If by 'pathological' you mean 'unbelieveably hilarious.'

slouchmonkey said...

Dismiss account? Check.

Stephen said...

Are there any Paraguayans here?

kanye said...

Because our president's hair color vacillating between jet black and distinguished grey depending upon whether he needs to project an image of youthful vigor or wizened statesman, or his careful behavior in not allowing the public to see him take one last drag off a Marlboro before he steps onto Air Force One, or the "jeans and rolled-up-sleeves" outfit that he dons when drops in at some corner joint for a cheeseburger...full press contingent in somehow not at all equatable with Sarah Palin sliding on a pair of glasses to influence her public personae.

And that other stuff...the fake Facebook page and the sockpuppetry...she's astroturfing; the same way every other politician in this country, from dog-catcher to those who hold the very highest of offices, do.

We all know who it is that ran the president's last campaign, who spent the last couple of years as a top adviser and who's now back in Chicago gearing up for the reelection.

David Axelrod isn't just a professional astroturfer, he's THE professional astroturfer. The man's become a millionaire plying his trade and his company, ASK, is considered the Cadillac of the industry.

Listen, I think this broad is as big a loon as all the rest of you do, but you can't go after her as such by highlighting the the exact same behavior that your guy engages in. You're essentially saying that he's a whack job as well.

Unless of course, the goal isn't to inform through demonstrable contrast, but rather to whip the faithful into a frenzy. Then, it works perfectly.