Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Since things are finally beginning to ramp up a little around here, I figure now's as good a time as any to kick-off what I'll call a mini-Winter Pledge Drive. Since productivity has been pretty off for the last couple of months what with a very hectic work schedule and my free-time devoted to Inara, this will be a pledge drive only in the most perfunctory sense. We'll let it run for three days and then be done with it.

A lot's going on in my life at the moment, and I'm now in a position to reveal a least a few details about it. After some time spent back doing a little TV news production -- at a good place with very, very good people, some of the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with -- I've now moved myself on to a new position doing media and publicity for a South Beach law firm that focuses mostly on entertainment law. Needless to say, the office environment is fantastic, to say nothing of the perks; my life has just changed drastically, and for the better. While doing this, I'm escalating the media consulting business, and a partner and I are working on a new publishing venture that we're damn excited about. It's a pretty innovative concept, and one that has the potential to pay very nice dividends in a whole host of ways.

Even though I'll be busy, dedicating most of my time to work and the various projects on my plate, it's going to be more important than ever that this site continues to run at a steady pace. Believe me, it's been frustrating as hell that I haven't been able to put as much time into Deus Ex Malcontent as I'd like, but I'm definitely working to change that. This site is still my home -- a home that, given everything that's gone on in my life over the past couple of years, means more to me than anyone can imagine -- and I continue to be humbled by the number of people who visit it every day, especially considering how much I've had to curtail daily output lately.

Anyway, you know how this works: If you like what you find here, and feel like I should get a reward for the stuff I crank out -- besides just your readership of course, which is always appreciated -- there are two ways you can support this site. If you can afford it, please drop a little cash into the Paypal tip cup over in the right-hand sidebar, or buy a copy of my book Dead Star Twilight -- which you can purchase electronically and have downloaded immediately to your computer by clicking here.

Like I said, this little fundraiser will only last for a couple of days and then I'll stop pestering everyone and revert to my default setting -- rattling off crude jokes, providing occasionally thoughtful analysis and posting decent music. As always, this site belongs as much to the regulars as it does to me, so to those of you who've continued to read -- particularly through the recent drought -- I have to say a warm thank you. You guys are the best. Thanks for your support all this time.

We'll have an update tomorrow, but for now back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Selling in or out in the past days? Olbermann, Huffington and, now you to a law firm?
Keith and Arianna have more new million$.
I guess you have learned Chez that a regular living is perfectly fine.
I wish you all the best. Very happy to hear that you have landed on your feet...and at home in Miami.
Success by your own design, that's what makes it so great.
Happy trails...

Chez said...

Believe me, there's still plenty that's in flux. I'm nowhere near stable yet in so many ways; I can't even begin to express how damaged I still feel and how much certain experiences over the past few years have changed me fundamentally. But I'm doing my best to look forward. It's all I can do, I guess.

I'm going to be getting into more personal stuff around here in the near future. I feel like I kind of need to.

Anonymous said...

Of all the crap I read on the internet, I like your crap the most. I'm more than happy to support you when I can. I wish it could be more but I just started doing my taxes yesterday and let's just say... "The Gubmint do take a bite, don't she?"
Glad to hear about the new exciting things going on.

Izar Talon said...

It's great to hear that things are looking up for you and seem to be taking off! A new job at a law firm, a consulting business, and a new partnership starting up. Sounds like big stuff ahead for you. Inara has a daddy she can be proud of!

Take all the time you need to get things going, man. Your site is a daily visit for me, usually several times a day to see if you've added anything, but I can wait for you to keep your life going and do not expect you to be here to entertain my dumb ass all the time. And in the meantime we'll all be here waiting with bated breath, looking forward to hearing all about how things are improving for you!

We'll all be here when you have time for us; you've got loyal fans Chez :)

While I wait, I just found my old Angel Dust CD and am gonna sit back and enjoy some rad old Faith No More. That Scientology piece made me think of it; Mike Patton used lines from their "personality test" in Land of Sunshine and I just had to hear the album again.

Come back when you're ready and have the time, and update us on how it's all going; we'll be here when you get back.

My word verification: whismati. I am SO gonna use that word with my girlfriend when I see her later. That's totally whismati!

namron said...

Remain just pissed-off enough to keep your content sharp. A beautiful, loving, and smart little girl like Inara will drain off a lot of snark. I know, I have two of them. Imagine how ornery and unlovable I would be otherwise.

Tabi said...

It's great to hear that you are doing well and moving in a positive direction! Rock on, Chez, we're all pulling for you :)

Riles said...

What Izar said. Sincerely.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and all best wishes! I check in daily, as well. It's a partner and I, by the way, not myself and a partner, there is no antecedent for "myself".

Chez said...

See how out of it I am? My grammar just sucks these days. I used to really pride myself on that -- of course I also used to take my time and proofread. Thanks for the correction.

brite said...

Congrats Chez on all the good stuff that's happening! Movin' on up...