Friday, February 25, 2011

Charlie's Angel

So just out of curiosity I decided to click over to Bree Olson's Twitter feed to see if she'd posted anything interesting about Charlie Sheen, given that she's one of three women currently vacationing with him in the Bahamas.

She's really going out of her way to do him a favor with this.

Of course, she's really going out of her way to do every other man on earth a favor with this.

Porn stars -- always the life of the party.

(Adding: This just about made me spit iced tea all over my computer. From @pourmecoffee, via Twitter: "CBS should send Martin Sheen upriver to get Charlie, like an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill.")


Anonymous said...

This chick is a genius. I bet she helped inspire my current favorite Charlie Sheen quote: "I don't pay these women to stay with me, I pay them to leave."

60ft6in said...

Bree and chablis!

brite said...

That rash on her inner thigh is worrisome. Or maybe it's a warning.

kanye said...

Has Greg/fungi seen that second twitter pic yet?

Le Penseur said...

After reading some of her other tweets, I'd say that even if she doesn't do drugs, I can understand why she's hanging out with my man Charlie, i.e., she's clearly fucked up in the head. That being said, if I ever got a chance, I would totally wreck her brown eye.