Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bonus Quote of the Day

"A federal judge on Tuesday threw out a lawsuit claiming that President Barack Obama's requirement that all Americans have health insurance violates the religious freedom of those who rely on God to protect them."

-- From the Associated Press

I just can't make that any funnier than it already is.


Anonymous said...

i have no problem with this. have people who don't want health insurance (because GAWD will save them) sign an affidavit that bars them from obtaining medical help.

they die... it's GAWD'S will.

CNNfan said...

"... who rely on G☺d to
protect them -- From the Associated Press

Joke based on a cheap shot and a fake quote.

Narbe said...

It's not so much that some choose to deny medical science and go by faith. Infact, that seems like a form of Social Darwinism. What's troubling is when they try to impose it on others.

It's especially unfortunate when the others are children or people who are no longer capable of making their own decisions, but are sometimes forced to keep on suffering. The Terri Schiavo case could be an example of the latter.

Brian H said...

Came here to make Narbe's point. So instead I'll ask.. what is Steve Jobs praying for in that picture?

LzyMom said...

Oh, for fuck's sake. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the little girl that died a couple of years ago because her parents didn't believe in medical intervention. Something really simple would've saved her life.


100 years ago, before the widespread use of antibiotics, vaccinations, etc. the average lifespan was 40 years.

Pray that disparity away, jackwads.


Eric said...

While I'm an atheist, myself, I still can't help imagining God saying to all those dead Christian Scientists, "What the hell's wrong with you people--why the fuck do you think I invented penicillin and had some guy 'accidentally' discover it?!"

I mean, maybe as an unbeliever I shouldn't be telling believers what their God wants, but it just seems like common sense that maybe He wanted you to get that lump checked out and take chemo, y'know? Or that maybe the Salk vaccine was the answer to somebody's prayers. Etc. Just sayin'.

Steve said...

God made doctors too, y'know.

Heather said...

Excellent points, Eric. I was pretty much going to say the same thing.

motheralex said...

I, personally, am an omnivore. I have canines, and molars, and eat just about anything. If God, in Her wisdom, wants me dead, I'm pretty sure prayer isn't going to help me much. But that DAMN VICIOUS SHRUB IS GOING DOWN. No, really, they are tasty. I hate going to the dentist, the doctor, and anything that has 1 dollar sales, but I'm lucky to be married to a person who has coverage for both of us, because, as a chef, I sure as hell don't. Pray for me, please, you obviously have the time.