Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Can't Keep a Good Ham Down

In case you were wondering...

The Daily Beast: Rick Sanchez Opens Up in First Interview Since Being Fired by CNN/1.12.11


DXM: I, Sanchez/9.5.10


CNNfan said...

¿Eh? Rick nunca dijo "Judios de control de los medios de comunicación"? Él nunca dijo? Bueno, alguien dijo. Así que alguien tocó el tercer carril y salió con la suya?

El comediante fue improvisando en la radio? O tal vez los autores del material cómico de la radio? O tal vez comediantes compartir sus escritores, y son los mismos escritores que escriben para otros comediantes, como Jon Stewart?

¿Quién es el autor intelectual supervillano detrás de todo esto? ¿Puede esto se remonta a Jon Stewart?


Huh? Rick never said "Jews control the media"? He never said? Well, someone said. So someone touched the third rail and got away with it?

The actor was improvising on the radio? Or maybe the authors of the radio comedy material? Or maybe comedians share their writers, and are the same writers who write for other comedians, like Jon Stewart?

Who is the supervillain mastermind behind all this? Can this be traced back to Jon Stewart?

Benoît from Ottawa said...

Disarmingly honest.

His explanations hold water, I think.

Straight-talking man, the very reverse of a slippery-worded politician.

Chez said...

Oh definitely. Rick is a ham, which he makes no secret of or excuse for, but his honesty is actually really refreshing given the current climate of bullshit in the media.