Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quote of the Day: Unreliable Sources Edition

"When I conducted the telephone interview for my Nov. 27 article on California Rep. Darrell Issa, my unambiguous understanding was that I was speaking with Rep. Issa. I subsequently learned that I was speaking to his chief spokesman, Kurt Bardella. None of the views ascribed to Issa are inaccurate, but the attribution throughout the story should have been to his spokesman, not to the congressman. We have since corrected the article. The earlier version also mentioned Darrell Issa’s 'tendency to refer to himself in the third person.' In fact, that usage was appropriate because the interview was with his spokesman."

-- Howard Kurtz, formerly of the Washington Post and currently of the Daily Beast and CNN's Reliable Sources

Jesus, I wonder why nobody takes political journalism seriously anymore.

Darrell Issa's "tendency to refer to himself in the third person" -- just hilarious.

You know, in Howie's defense, he was actually trying to get a date with the guy working out next to Darrell Issa.

"Darrell's gonna get you, Howie! Darrell holds grudges!"


liquidlen said...

GREAT Seinfeld reference. Almsot kept the rest of the post from making me really damn sad.

Kevin M. Hagerman

becky said...

this is just the laugh i needed to day. priceless.

Steven D Skelton said...

Reminds me of a phone conversation I had with an old band member. He invited me to show, and as he was talking my wife and son walked in and stopped listening for a minute.

I got to the show and found out that during the period I wasn't listening he asked if I could fill in for a guy that couldn't make it and I had replied..."sure, no problem."

It was an interesting show on a borrowed rig and without any notebooks :) I felt pretty damn stupid as well.

CNNfan said...

That's why they call it Reliable Sources. Howie turns a critical eye on the media, including himself.

Reliable Sources: Sunday morning 11am ET