Thursday, January 13, 2011

Listening Post

When Massive Attack's Teardrop was released in 1998 -- it was the first single off the spectacular and evocative Mezzanine album -- I never thought it would eventually become as strangely seminal as it has. It's been made famous as the theme from House and has been covered at least twice -- including Jose Gonzalez's mind-blowingly powerful interpretation -- and now one of my favorite new bands has taken a shot at extending its reach.

Above, it's Civil Twilight doing Teardrop live.

And, below, it's the hypnotically gorgeous video for the original Massive Attack version -- featuring, of course, the Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser on vocals, who wrote the lyrics to the song as a tribute to Jeff Buckley.


Alanna said...

huh. I've been listening to Mezzanine everyday on my commute to and from work the last week. Album is unreal and I forgot just how ethereal yet moving it is.

I've had the 2nd track, risingson at 2:31 seconds on repeat the whole week along with the first 2 min of exchange (last track).

Thanks for posting!

Lisa said...

Unbelievably moving. I love it when great art procreates-Buckley to Massive Attack to the amazing Civil Twilight.

Kevin Davis said...

Risingson is definitely the understated single off that album.

I never knew that song was about Jeff Buckley, thanks.

motheralex said...

Good stuff, but I still think Jose got it the best. That version still gives me goosebumps.