Sunday, December 19, 2010

Radio Free America

I started out in radio and it would be an understatement to say that the medium still holds a hell of a place in my heart; I feel that it has a certain unmistakable authority, even given the advances in technology throughout the years. Put simply, there's something about the power of the human voice that's unlike anything else.

With that in mind, the passing of the Local Community Radio Act -- particularly when taking into account the inescapable Orwellian megaphone that talk radio has morphed into via the syndication of every right-wing demagogue with a microphone and a thesaurus of incendiary rhetoric -- is welcome news indeed.

Independent voices will likely never flourish through institutions like, say, Air America -- but get enough little guys out there making themselves heard and who knows what can happen.

The Huffington Post: The Little Bill that Could/12.19.10

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Robo said...

Where's the DXM podcast? You did great with Cesca and on the Sirius Left interviews (which I don't have to tell you I'm sure). You could take calls on Skype a la Corolla.