Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Listening Post

Inexplicable matching camo outfits? Check.

Crowd full of hyper-sensitive post-hippies? Check.

Rundgren slouching and sheepishly accepting the adoration aimed his way? Check.

It can only be Utopia, circa 1981.

This is a 70s wuss-rock classic, but damn if it isn't still a great song.

Here's Love Is the Answer.

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Sr. Wrangler said...

70s wuss-rock? Sure, but it's still great stuff. Todd Rundgren provided the soundtrack to my pre-teen years and the songs have stuck with me. It is more than nostalgia on my part. My 17 year old son, a rapidly developing young musician, is a big fan of the music as well as many other styles and genres. I haven't shoved it down his throat. He has just been digging through the vinyl collection and picked out stuff he likes. He recently came home with a shoulder length haircut in multiple colors just like Todd. I've never been more proud.