Thursday, December 30, 2010

Listening Post: The 25 Best Singles of 2010 (4-2)

4. Mumford & Sons -- Little Lion Man

Every couple of years or so, a band seems to come from out of nowhere and inexplicably strike gold -- their popularity taking everyone by surprise. We must be just about due because in 2010 Mumford & Sons were the little band that could, going from zero-to-supernova around the globe in what felt like a split second. Rising out of the new folk underground bubbling beneath the surface of London's indie scene, the band admittedly had shock value going for them, both in their overall sound -- which once again, since originality is relative, sounded completely fresh as pop music in 2010 -- and the intensity of their live performances. Little Lion Man exploded into a monstrous hit with good reason. It's got raw, unapologetic emotion and it barrels along like a locomotive coming at you -- and then of course there's one of the most memorable choruses of the year: "But it was not your fault but mine/And it was your heart on the line/I really fucked it up this time -- didn't I, my dear?" That's the kind of tragic resignation that hits home with just about everyone.

3. A Silent Film -- You Will Leave a Mark

There's always been a special niche in alt rock for bands that kick detached irony to the curb and throw both arms around the earnest and sincere. A Silent Film sat at the top of that sub-genre this year, and what they did they really did well. Grandiosely cinematic and proudly wearing their hearts on their sleeves, at face value they'd seem a little superfluous in the musical pool these days, what with bands like Coldplay, Civil Twilight, Keane and Snow Patrol already filling the thing to the point of pushing all the water out over the edges. But there's simply no denying one thing: they make good music. You Will Leave a Mark is terrific, no-bullshit power-pop, and from its pounding opening piano progression to its sweeping chorus, it's got the kind of urgency that never feels phony or pompous. These guys play like their lives depend on it, and even if this was the one and only song A Silent Film ever did, it would -- no pun intended -- leave a hell of a mark.

2. Foster the People -- Pumped Up Kicks

If Pumped Up Kicks were lethal, we'd all be dead right now. It's that outrageously infectious. There was buzz about Foster the People -- who got singed out of L.A. at lightning speed just last year -- even before this single was released, which is amusing because to this day not much more than this one song has been made available. Yeah, there's a full album on the way and much of it lives up to the effervescent promise of Pumped Up Kicks. But as with A Silent Film, if these guys never released another song, they'd have had a pretty meaningful career in pop music. Part Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys, part Beck, part MGMT, all carefree indie cool, this is one of those songs that -- the minute you heard it -- you found yourself immediately trying to figure out who it was and how to get your hands on it. They could probably get away with classifying it as a Class A drug.

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Chugga said...

Little Lion Man came number one in the Triple J Hottest 100 of 2009, it was very much a 2009 song, not 2010.

kanye said...

The odds that Crank Resolutions by Meursault will be making your list seem to be getting longer.

Chez said...

Yes, Chugga, it was released in 2009 but it broke wide open in the states in '10. I saw it on far more lists this year -- deservedly so -- than last. If you want to get pedantic, both the xx and A Silent Film were released last year as well, but they broke or were re-released in the states as singles in 2010.

J. Dack said...

Thank you for posting Mumford and Sons. I had never heard of them before. That song is fucking amazing.

I will be getting their whole album if it's available, soon as I'm sober enough to type in my cc number.

Anonymous said...

Okay, where's Cee-Lo? And if that's not what you picked, fuck you!