Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Al Qaeda in TGIFriday's has Claimed Responsibility"

Well, if you're looking to strike a serious blow at the heart of Israel in America -- attack an early bird salad bar.

CNNi: Al Qaeda Group Contemplated Poisoning Food at U.S. Restaurants/12.22.10


Bill Orvis White said...

The jihadists penetrated our borders just like a moose penetrated Miss Sarah. They're here from Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi and Iraq. It's just a matter of time before they wreak havoc on our soil. I'm double locking my gold supply and warming up the weapons.

This is all due to Hussein Obama's lax border ideas. All of you SPs will be speaking Arabic very soon.

Merry Christmas,

Chez said...

Wait... are you saying Sarah Palin got fucked by a moose?

Bill Orvis White said...

I confess that it's true, Chez, but it was way before Todd. Yes, they weren't married and both lost their way. Since then, they both repented for their sins right before the moose became dinner sometime during 1989.
Job 13:11 sums it up best by saying that it's good to become "at one" with your kill. By the way, I did have a stroke and that was caused by years of being on the drink. I just found that out when I talked with Dr. Smith in church this last Sunday. He offered to take me into the office for free, but I respectfully declined because health care is for the weak and I don't look for handouts.
Merry Christmas,

Anonymous said...

Now we'll all have to get groped just to go to the salad bar.

Alanna said...

Looking forward to the fondling of my Sweet Tomatoes...customers.

Thomas B said...

Six words:

"Department of Homeland Security Sneeze Guards"

kanye said...

I guess this is the Al-Qaeda version of Paraquat.