Monday, November 01, 2010

Why So Seriously Stupid?

Just -- freaking speechless.

Media Matters: Conservative Media Assume Black Child Wearing Joker Makeup is "Obama Joker"/11.1.10


Liz in Austin said...

Obama's smart enough to know that it's not the kid's fault. It's the poor kid that's gonna grow up to disown his stupid fucking family. Cheezits cripes.

Benoît from Ottawa said...

I dunno, Liz; the family may just be proud of having had their kid be greeted decently by Obama, and not concentrate so much on the chatter of media dipsticks.

becky said...

Hoft is such a douche

TheReaperD said...

@Benoît: Somebody is an optimist. What brings you to this site?

Benoît from Ottawa said...

Dear TheReaperD:

Chez, obviously.

As to 'optimism', I've lived long enough to realise that often, there are many big points of difference between what's feared, or hoped for, and what happens. It's more that whch is at play here.

Good luck wit' yer mid-terms, y'all.