Friday, November 12, 2010

Thought for the Day

You know, Madonna was on Ellen a couple of days ago to lend her two cents to the fight against the current "epidemic" of bullying in America, officially signifying that the whole Heathers-esque anti-bullying fad that's been sweeping the nation has finally jumped the shark. This can only mean that the inevitable pro-bully backlash will soon begin. So prissy little outcasts everywhere, get ready to be dragged kicking and screaming into the giant steel cage your school gym has been converted into, where you'll be beaten savagely by jocks wielding cafeteria chairs while hundreds of NRA-supporting parents in camouflage t-shirts and "Big Journalism" baseball caps look on unashamed.

Remember, everything in our culture these days is cyclical, and it's only a matter of time before people have had enough of being made to feel like they need to defer to the Glee kids.


Anonymous said...

I'm already seeing the "bullying is code for a pro gay agenda" stuff here and there.

Ref said...

I was going to say, pretty soon the Republicans, Glenn Beck, etc, will decide that anti-bullying is un-American.

paleotectonics said...

Gotta laugh, but also gotta say, okay, bullying is not at historic highs? Fine, but that just means it was not taken seriously in the past. These cowards, and their parents, deserve jail time. You hit a gay kid, you call a black kid an epithet, laugh at the kid who thinks your Giant Bearded Invisible Sky-fairy is bullshit, you get 10 years, your parents get 20. You torture a kid who ends up waxing himself, for whatever reason, you get the chamber, your parents get the chair. I don't care about your age, or your religion, or your income. If people can't learn to get along at a basic level, I'm not talking sitting around singing Kumbaya, but you can't torture people just for the hell of it (unless your name is GWBush, apparently - he deserves the chair while in the chamber), then fine, get the fuck out of polite society, we're tired of your bullshit.

I ain't'nt being snarky here. Fuck these people. Fuck them so hard no-one will dare torture another kid. One or two state-broadcast hangings oughtta do the trick. Being bullied does not build character - it causes enormous problems for years! And the parents who encourage their kids to be bullies are sub-human. Hang 'em.

Anonymous said...

Really, seriously? Outcasts will be dragged into the school gym and beaten savagely by jocks while hundreds of parents look on unashamed?

I'm going to see this - in the center ring, no doubt - as soon as the death panel in ring no. 2 is done putting down the little old grandmas! God Bless the Big Top.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to get a little fed-up with this anti-bullying fad. Bullying has always gone on, and likely always will. I myself was bullied throughout pretty much every year of public education, and do you know what I did? I moved on with my fucking life. I accepted that some people weren't going to like me for reasons as prosaic as the fact that I wear glasses, or don't dress in a certain way, or my perceived sexual orientation. I don't know, maybe learning not to let the taunts of others affect you overmuch is a vital part of growing up and becoming an adult. Maybe school is where we develop the thick skin necessary to live in the real world, where people aren't always nice. Maybe it's the children in question, not their parents, not the media, not fucking Madonna, who need to push back against this behavior on their own. In other words, maybe they need to cowboy the fuck up and show a little spine.

NoxiousNan said...

I have pretty much the exact opposite perspective of Anon @ 12:24. I don't think bullying is a necessary step in growth. A friend of mine was a bullier in school (didn't know her then) who was never bullied. I was bullied incessantly every day in school and out. We've compared notes.

I think it was a primary factor in my really fucked up sense of self worth that it took years to work through. I'm smart, but never went to college, I was athletic, but stopped everything so I could hide out in my house everyday after school. And now that I'm finally through it for the most part, I'm so far behind the game with my peers that I get along with and live like people twenty years younger than me.

It really wasn't a matter of someone not liking my glasses. This came from all sides, teachers witnessed and did nothing about it. Perhaps that was the biggest issue. Maybe if it were just the matter of some asshole pimple faced cretin not liking my glasses it would be easy as pie to ignore. But when the teachers reinforced that behavior and judgement through their inaction, then it told me that I could expect that treatment as an adult as well..that for some unfathomable reason I must deserve it.

I have wondered if my life would have gone differently if I had the benefit of the It Gets Better message from thousands of adults. Hearing strictly from loved ones is meaningless because you know they are trying to make you feel better in the moment. It's not counted as valid information to kids.

Anon said...


It's great that you've got the mental fortitude and raw nerve to "get over" the bullying you suffered. I applaud your efforts.

But not everybody draws on an inner strength when pushed to the limits by peers, merely for the reason that they exist. Child suicide and depression is a real problem, and bullying is a real factor to it.

I am not discounting your claim that kids do need to grow a thicker skin with time; but no one, no one wants to see a kid break past the point of pure despair and desperation and take their own life, or someone else's.

This is why good counselors are so important; and why the attitude of "kids will be kids" with regards to bullying has to stop.

Lord knows I put up with a lot of bully crap in my own day, and to this day, I do have a "thicker skin" and a better ability to deflect things with humor...but when a stranger, peer or boss (got very close to being fired for reacting) cuts at my core, at my dignity in public, I often resort to that angry kid, and tell them off.

NoxiousNan said...

I have a thicker skin too. I feel like bullying put me way behind as mentioned - that's the down side.

The upside is that thicker skin. Today nobody can keep me from doing or saying anything with mere disapproval. Now I notice that people sacrifice all sorts of freedoms large and small for the sake of societal expectations. I am simply unwilling to do that.

I am thankful for that, and I think a lot of the credit goes to withstanding bullies in youth. But I would change my past if I had the choice.