Friday, November 26, 2010

Quote of the Day

"(Obama) said that Thanksgiving is about the Indians saving us, with their agriculture and everything else. The true story of Thanksgiving is socialism failed. Of course we showed them gratitude! We shared our bounty with them, not because we didn't know how to make it. It was because we first failed as socialists. Only when we turned capitalists did we have plenty. The Indians didn't teach us capitalism."

-- Rush Limbaugh

I've really got to give Limbaugh credit -- it takes a hell of a lot of skill to be this much of a self-parody.


Megan said...

Who the heck is "we"? There are no "Indians" among his audience?

Ref said...

Have ANY of them ever read any actual history?

MJG said...

To mis-quote Freud:
"Sometimes a Cigar is just a Big, Black Dick"

BenoƮt from Ottawa said...

Next chapter for Rush Limbaugh:

How "our" old slaves' descendants have been so ungrateful since we *gave* their forebears that most precious of gifts, their freedom.

Che Grovera said...

I had occasion to drive from LA to Chicago a couple of weeks ago (on an emergency basis with time at a premium), and chose the mostly southern route through Arizona, New Mexico, North Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri. I was driving my kid's car and had no diversion available other than the radio (he plugs his iPod into the system so there weren't any CDs laying around -- not that I would have wanted to listen to much of his music regardless). Anyhow...holy fucking shit! Red State radio is inescapably soul-crushing. Hour upon dreary hour of Rush, Beck, Hannity, Ingraham and the like. No alternatives (oh, except for one progressive AM station in Albuquerque without which I would have lost my sanity while driving on election night). I'm no great fan of Ed Schultz, but I practically wept upon reaching reception range of WCPT (Chicago Progressive Talk) and hearing Ed's nasally whine...

There's clearly a lot of money in pandering to stupid and/or thoughtless ideologues. Sigh.

Bill Orvis White said...

I just digested the last of fried turkey and cherry pie when I ran across this mockery of Rush.

Rush is right. The injuns were just squatting on this soil not doing too much-just shooting arrows at trees. WE THE PEOPLE came over on ships, taught them how to grow maize and then stupidly shared the bounty with them because we were too nice.

WE THE PEOPLE saved the injuns and then they tried to scalp us. So with our "pull ourselves up by the jockstraps," we killed the really rowdy ones and then marched the rest of 'em off to special areas. They really haven't been too grateful to us since then.

I know I'm not politically correct here, but someone needs to write this stuff and it might as well be Bill White.

Yes, we are all God's children and being pro-life, I love the injuns just like I do an unborn child. If the injuns simply behaved and embraced Christ, they would be all better off.


Anonymous said...

does anyone read bill white any more? i see its name and just run through. it's so predictable it's not even funny anymore.

Jester said...

It's hysterical how selective conservatives are in their "study" of history. I got into a discussion with one the other day about "anchor babies" vis a vis the 14th Amendment.

He went on for quite a while about how the 14th Amendment was intended to prevent states from failing to grant citizenship to slaves (true enough), but that it shouldn't be interpreted in any way outside of that very narrow interpretation (false -- broader interpretations have been tested in the courts on numerous occasions in the last 120 years).

But then, if THAT wasn't bad enough, he went on to say that it was the "intent" of the Amendment that mattered and that the 14th Amendment should be studied in the context of what the writer INTENDED to do with the Amendment instead of the later precedent.

I cheerfully asked, "OK, in that case, it's pretty clear that the INTENT of the Second Amendment is to protect arming militias, not giving everyone who wants one an M-4 rifle in their home."

His response, "What does that have to do with anything?"

He literally couldn't see the connection between the one thing (where intent was -- in his view -- important) and the other thing, where it "wasn't." As I said, quite a selective view of history, what?

motheralex said...

Smallpox is gonna make a comeback any day now, so I'm hoarding blankets.

Bill Orvis White said...

Dear Anonymous:
Do you think I'm funny? I don't. I'm a real man on a crusade to stop the cultural and financial bleeding in this once-free nation.
Oh, and I have a lot of followers: over 75,000 secular progressives have been served by Bill White.
Let me ask you this, Anonymous: Does anyone read Anonymous anymore? Methinks not, you snot-nosed, lazy bloodsucker. It's people like you that make this country dead last in everything. We have to rai$e our taxe$ to get the safety net to catch losers like you who sit at home in Mommy's basement smoking funny weed while watching "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." re-runs. Man-up and get a real job, Anonymous, you dumb secular progressive idiot.