Thursday, November 25, 2010

Quote of the Day

"This is an abuse of power. It's a miscarriage of justice, and I still maintain that I am innocent. The criminalization of politics undermines our very system and I'm very disappointed in the outcome."

-- Convicted money launderer Tom DeLay

Translation: "How dare you convict me. I was a politician, therefore what qualifies as criminal behavior for everybody else is basically just, you know, the way the world works for guys like me."

Suck it, DeLay -- hope the Sisters treat you extra special in the laundry room.

By the way, my favorite description of Tom DeLay comes courtesy of Matt Taibbi, in his book Smells Like Dead Elephants:

"What made Tom DeLay different is that Tom DeLay was a little guy. He had more in common with Bill Clinton (whom not surprisingly he despised, probably precisely for this reason) than with Gingrich or Norquist or Bush. He came from the dirt of the South, with a drunken reprobate for a father and nothing but white trash in his family tree. Unlike Clinton, however, DeLay was not blessed with personal gifts -- looks, brains, charm. Instead of Oxford and Yale, DeLay dropped out of Baylor after being inveighed in a childish campus-vandalism scandal. His pre-politics career as a rat and bug killer was marked by a continual failure that has to be considered shocking in a state so teeming with vermin. An exterminator failing in southeast Texas is like a pimp failing in Bangkok during tourist season."

So, yeah, a little something to be thankful for today.


Captain Splendid said...

Of course, on the teevee, it's all Rangel/Waters, all the time.

BenoƮt from Ottawa said...


"This is an abuse of power. It's a miscarriage of justice, and I still maintain that I am innocent."

That sequence of reasonings (those are false charges, besides the trial was badly run, and besides I'm innocent) reminds me of a Bart Simpson-type of I wasn't there, it wasn't me, and besides nobody saw me do it.

CNNfan said...

Quote of the DeLay

Just Joking.

Brian H said...

The man takes a hell of a mugshot though.

Capt Clown said...

Fuck this "Captain Splendid" commenter. There's only room for one Captain per board, obviously.


countryjoe said...

His asshole is gonna get "Hammered" so hard in prison it will look like a burned out stump.

Thomas B said...

He's gonna have to change his nickname to Daddy. I.E, "Come here, Daddy, and suck Mommy's dick."

Anonymous said...

One must wonder how hard the Hammer is going to get nailed.

Trixi said...

Wow, I'm really glad that Delay got convicted, but some of you commenters sure have a crazy prison-rape fantasy thing going on.

"Come here, Daddy, and suck Mommy's dick?" Jesus.