Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Quote of the Day (Yesterday)

"So credit please where it is due. The whining utopian left has a very full schedule of despising Republicans and the idiots and scoundrels (a little over half the country) who keep voting for them. Yet it can always find time to attack its own team, cry and complain, and demand to be patted on the head. The left's role in Tuesday's elections should not go unacknowledged.

-- Clive Cook in the Atlantic

I meant to put this up yesterday, but I was busy (and sick) as hell.

Sure, I get that by even mentioning this kind of thing I'm contributing to the post-rout finger-pointing and the splintering of what would ideally be a united front, but it's not like it isn't something I've mentioned before, over and over again.

Things always could've been a whole lot worse. And now they are.


L. said...

It's driving me crazy that there are people saying they didn't vote because the Democrats haven't done enough. Hey geniuses, how much can you get done if you don't have the job anymore?

Part of me wants to say that if you don't care to vote then you deserve to have the issues that are important to you not go your way. The other part of me wants to kick these people in the nuts for ruining it for everyone else.

Though I've got to be honest, when elections don't go the way I want them to I make myself step back and think. You're not going to hear me say that I 'lost my country' because the fact is that if it didn't go my way, the majority of 'my country' made the other decision. Does it mean it doesn't irritate me? Certainly not, but it's not fair to only accept the results of a popular vote when it goes your way.

Busayo said...

I'm no expert on U.S politics, but I'm guessing you lot are stuck with a gridlocked legislative branch, right?

Chez said...

Oh just wait. I'd like to think I might be wrong, but as far as the House is concerned, nothing will get done. Nothing. The Republicans will spend most of their time on endless ridiculous investigations of the president and attempts to repeal legislation that's already been passed. The rest will be an immediate lead-up to the 2012 election.

Bill Orvis White said...

I had a great time in New Orleans' Ninth Ward being a poll watcher. Dang, I came close to getting a few voters on fraud, but they checked out fine. They say the food down there is great and I agree. The Hardee's on I-10 is amazing, Chez. I never had a Thickburger like that one before. They even put more bacon on it. No one does that in Hattiesburg.

Anyway, WE HAD A BLOODBATH at the polls yesterday! Whoo-Hoo! I'm a bit bummed that Miss Christine and Miss Sharron didn't make it, but maybe next time - God-willing.

But, I know what the Good Book says: "He who hath lost the righteous path will find it upon His shoulders when thy tax cut$ and strengthened crusade are implemented."

I have way too much to look forward to when that witch hands the gavel over to the Honorable Mr. Boehner! Yessss!!!!

WE THE PEOPLE's work hasn't even started yet. As that homosexual English man who drinks orange tea sings, "I'll be watching you."


Web Dunce said...

Well, my 3 year old nephew has proven his point. If you cry and scream, refuse to eat your vegetables and draw all over the walls with indelible magic markers you still get to go to the carnival and eat a funnel cake!

L. said...

On a related note, I found this tweet from Steve Agee funny.

Anonymous said...

It drives me crazy when idiots who actually believe there are substantive difference between the GOP and Dems tell me that unless I vote for one of the two clones, I am throwing my vote away. When corporations are spending equal amounts of money on both parties...get a fucking clue.

The GOP taking over the House ain't going to do shit. Its all the same crap; a pro-wrestling style show to keep the peons entertained. For example, the US is bleeding to death in the Middle East so to keep us entertained, they talk about fucking DADT. Its insane to even pretend its anything but a complete farce.

Anonymous said...

Have you gotten your flu vaccine? You have been sick a lot lately. I am worried about you.

TheReaperD said...

@Chez: I would really like to say you're wrong... I would really, really like to... *sob*

kanye said...

See, I think that plenty will get done with the Republicans in control of the House.

Social Security will be gutted, Arne Duncan's odious education plan will be implemented, the government unions will be busted, more bailouts for the banks...all things that Obama wants but has been unable to implement with a Democratic House.

Yeah...plenty will get done.

cgwalt said...

I have left the skepticism trolly and will be riding the cynicism snowboard for the foreseeable future. Wave as I go by, won't you?
I'll still vote every election, but I expect nothing to change and will focus on my own family from now on.