Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Point and Shoot

You know, if history is any indication, poor Lawrence O'Donnell had better invest in Kevlar.

The Huffington Post: Lawrence O'Donnell "Socialist" Claim Is Evidence of Looming, Violent "Event"/11.9.10

My favorite part about this ratshit lunacy is that it not-so-inconspicuously mirrors the 9/11 truthers' nonsensical "false flag terrorism" claim -- proving that a ridiculous conspiracy theory is a ridiculous conspiracy theory, regardless of which direction it's coming from. And right now, nobody traffics in that kind of baseless crap like Glenn Beck.

Speaking of which, who exactly is pushing the "everything's going to hell, but I'm here to hold your hand and help you through it" meme harder than anybody at the moment -- and doing it for thoroughly self-serving reasons?

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Riles said...

O'Donnell had a great piece on this last night. He went through the steps to show how there are no purely capitalistic, communist OR socialist economies anymore. Every county has a mixed economy now, since they all have aspects of capitalism, socialism, etc.

By the loverboy? Freudian slip much?