Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Listening Post

Two-and-a-half-minutes of pure California sunshine from Best Coast.

This is Boyfriend.


kanye said...

What a breath of fresh air. The whole time that I was listening, I kept thinking how this would have ruled college radio 20 years ago...ruled.

Of course, then I had another thought; that maybe you were playing this for someone. None of my business really, but the mind goes where the mind goes, you know?

Christine said...

I've been loving this song lately. The video is such a good match to the song, too.

kanye said...

I had to smile as I watched the video, Christine.

My daughter's six, and she's dead-set on having a quinceanera when she turns 15. The thing is, we're not hispanic...not even a smidge.

That doesn't seem to matter to her, though. Her mind's made up.

Alanna said...

oh man, this is a little Kim Deal-ish/Pixies Surferosa-esque. And I fucking love it.

It's actually making me very, very bittersweet for my beach apartment in San Clemente, CA.

I miss that life sometimes.