Friday, November 05, 2010

Listening Post

I love listening to the kids who call this "new wave." No, it's not new wave -- trust me on that. But it's a pretty damn good song, regardless.

Here's Neon Trees -- 1983.


Sean said...

This is awesome stuff, Chez. Thanks for posting.

Michael J. West said...

I was gonna point out how at first New Wave was an umbrella term that included everything from Patti Smith to PiL, but then I heard the song, which for all their appearance is just straight-up pop through and through. So, never mind.

kanye said...

New Wave...that's funny. This has more in common with Hall & Oates than Haircut 100.

It does sound like what was on the radio in 1983, though.

VOTAR said...

Quincy punks.

Thomas B said...

Coolest Utah export since polygamy. Nah - actually this is pretty standard 00's rubbish. 1983 did call however -- they want their haircut back.

BenoƮt from Ottawa said...

"1983 is calling
I been on my knees and crawling..."

Cute. But the date really, um, dates it. How to make a song timeful.

(Also, I like VOTAR's comment.)