Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dancing Fool

The least surprising item ever: the prospect of Christine O'Donnell fulfilling her destiny and taking her rightful place at Mama Grizzly's side.

And that Mobius Strip just get more and more loopy.

Gawker: Christine O'Donnell May Dance with the Stars/11.23.10


Anonymous said...

pole dancing? really?

CNNfan said...

Witch episode will Christine star in?


L. said...

That show makes me want to close my head in a car door.

I guess 'Dancing with the People who are Currently Unemployed but Still Desperately Want Your Attention' was a bit too long to use as a title.

Chez said...

Never watched even two seconds of it and I'm completely baffled by the amount of devotion it garners. Another dumb-ass reality show that stretches to the breaking point the definition of "star."

ntx said...

Based on the two seconds I watched a while back, it also stretches the definition of "dancing."

em said...

I've seen a few episodes (wanted to see how the hell Adam Corolla was going to do on it) and I'm guessing that some of the audience is made up of at least a few dudes waiting for a nip slip/gash flash, and the rest are probably hardcore People magazine readers/Bachelor viewers who actually think the show is real/borderline tards. Aaaand apparently Palin fans as well, considering how far her daughter got.

CNNfan said...

My buddy's girlfriend watched me on TV, her reaction was, "He has a nice ass."

Why not use this one PBS audience reaction to promote myself as a fit, good looking man, to be considered for a dance partner on Dancing With The Stars?

I Dream of Jeannie! (That would be CNN's Jeanne Moos) as my CNNfantasy dance partner on
Dancing With The Stars