Monday, October 18, 2010

You Didn't Buy It, You Own It

As usual, David Carr of the New York Times makes a damn astute point about the mainstream media's unwillingness to pay for stories but absolute willingness to cover stories that have been broken by outlets that have no problem paying for stories.

Case in point: the Brett Favre sex scandal, which was broken by Gawker media, who, you could easily make the claim, violated every tenet of responsible journalism in its handling of the story.

Carr's assertion is essentially that these days the mainstream media don't need to break their own rules and piss all over their own standards; all they need to do us play a little "ethical rendition" and allow the supposed bottom feeders to do what they do best, then make the case that once the story was out there and percolated up, they had no choice but to cover it.

The New York Times: Favre, Deadspin and the New Tawdry Journalism/10.18.10


Anonymous said...

What really bothers me, even as a stereotypical guy (hence generally a sexist knuckle dragger) has been the response to all of this being heaped onto the woman involved. So because she is attractive and posed in playboy, she was asking for it basically. And what the shit does it matter that it took 2 years for this to come out...that still doesn't make what Favre did okay. The crazy shit being leveled at this woman is the whole reason she didn't want to come forward in the first place. I mean...who in their right fucking mind thinks its okay to text pictures of your junk to fellow employees. Furthermore, in the entire history of texting, has anyone ever gotten laid by just texting your dick over the phone? I mean come on! This is common sense 101. Don't fuck in the office. Like my dad told me "Never fuck a co-worker...its like shitting in the backyard. Sure its convenient at the time but eventually you get sick of the stink".

Chez said...

Wait a minute -- texting cock pictures doesn't get you laid? Dammit, that explains it.

Now ladies, if you'll kindly send all those pictures back.

Alanna said...

in the entire history of texting, has anyone ever gotten laid by just texting your dick over the phone?

No, but the inverse surely does work.

This NYT article combined with the Nick Denton exposes in the New Yorker this week really does not shed favorably light on Mr. Denton. At all.