Monday, October 04, 2010

Sign of the Times

Perfect example of the bullshit false-equivalence the media engages in when talking about left vs. right issues these days -- what they do in an effort to not be pegged with a liberal bias and to play the part of the supposedly objective observer at the expense of, oh I don't know, reality:

Just a few minutes ago, CNN's Jim Acosta did a report on this weekend's big One Nation liberal protest in DC; he managed to make it about a minute-and-a-half into his report before dutifully pointing out that the rally was essentially the flip side of the tea party coin -- that the event had quite a bit in common with the Glenn Beck inspired tea bagger rallies we've seen pop up ad nauseam over the last several months.

His proof of this? Acosta said there were some of those "controversial signs we've seen so much of this election season." In fact, he says he saw one that read, "Axis of Ignorance: Republicans, Tea Party and Fox News."

Yeah. Compare that with these.

Well done, guys.


toastie said...

Jim Acosta? Is he Latino? The Jews at CNN will never let him be an anchor.

Chez said...