Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shameless Joe

This is why Taibbi rules -- from his new post over at Rolling Stone detailing the government largess gleefully sucked down by hypocritical shitbag Joe Miller:

"You see, when a nice white lawyer with a GI Joe beard uses state aid to help him through tough times and get over the hump – so that he can go from having three little future Medicare-collecting Republican children to eight little future Medicare-collecting Republican children – that’s a good solid use of government aid...

This of course is different from the way other, less GI-Joe-looking people use government aid, i.e. as a permanent crutch that helps genetically lazy and ambitionless parasites mooch off of rich white taxpayers instead of getting real jobs.

I can’t even tell you how many people I interviewed at Tea Party events who came up with one version or another of the Joe Miller defense. Yes, I’m on Medicare, but… I needed it! It’s those other people who don’t need it who are the problem!

This whole concept of 'good welfare' and 'bad welfare' is at the heart of the Tea Party ideology, and it’s something that is believed implicitly across the line.

...A slick grownup yuppie politician with a GI Joe beard and a breeder wife and eight kids, leeching off the state at every turn and gunning for a U.S. Senate salary and pension on an anti-welfare platform, he’s just a hardworking citizen who simply needed a lift during a 'transitional' period. Man, did they break the mold when they made these assholes."

Rolling Stone: More Tea Party Hilarity/10.12.10


toastie said...

Wow...I can't help but think that a fair number of voters who agree with Democrats on issues but were planning to vote Republican because they're "angry" will instead decide at the last moment that Republicans are just plain crazy and it's not worth it to vote for them.

I'm thinking of low-interest voters who don't care that their Democratic representative actually represents most of what they believe in and don't know that the Republican opponent in their local race isn't bat-shit crazy like Joe Miller and Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell.

Even if a couple of Tea Party candidates win, I can't help but think that GOP strategists are seething over the even larger margins they'll far short of due to all the bad press that Joe Miller and others are creating for their brand.

Bill Orvis White said...

Joe Miller is a he-man of the highest order. Joe will fight for the hard-working oil workers who need the greenlight to drill even more up there. We The People know that this will happen because come January when that witch hands the gavel over to We The People, We will drive up to Alaska in caravans armed with our cache of weapons to clear the far-left liberal secular progressive caribou and hippies out of that patriotic territory to extract more patriotic oil -- NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL SECURITY!

I pray for Joe's election win as well as the beautiful Miss Angle, Miss O'Donnell and other Tea Party patriots.