Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Rick Rolls

Just for the hell of it, I figured I'd go ahead and relay this:


On October 4th, I had a very good conversation with Jon Stewart, and I had the opportunity to apologize for my inartful comments from last week. I sincerely extend this apology to anyone else whom I may have offended.

As Jon was kind enough to note in his show Monday night, I am very much opposed to hate and intolerance, in any form, and I have frequently spoken out against prejudice. Despite what my tired and mangled words may have implied, they were never intended to suggest any sort of narrow-mindedness and should never have been made.

In the aftermath of these comments, CNN and I have decided to part ways. However, I want to go on record to say that I have nothing but the highest regard for CNN and for my six wonderful years with them. I appreciate every opportunity that they have given me, and it has been a wonderful experience working for them. I have tremendous respect for everyone there, and I know that they feel the same about me. There are no hard feelings – just excitement about a new future of opportunities.

I look forward to my next step with great anticipation. In the meantime, I will continue to promote my book, 'Conventional Idiocy,' in the hopes of broadening the discussion to get a better understanding between all Americans, regardless of race, creed or religion."

Not badly stated, overall. The interesting thing is that he used the word "inartful" to describe the comments that got him canned; it's the same word Rick's wife, Suzanne, used on Facebook in defending her husband. I described Sanchez's statements with a variation of the same term -- saying that he spoke "artlessly." For the record, I doubt very seriously that either of them, or both of them in conjunction, cribbed that phrase after reading my piece. In fact, I think Sanchez's wife's Facebook message was actually posted before my column was printed here and at the Huffington Post. With that in mind, there's one thing I can say for sure: I hadn't read that message or had any contact with either Rick or Suzanne before I wrote and published my piece. Just wanted to make that clear.

In fact, I've barely spoken to Rick since that last encounter with him, the one I described at the beginning of my piece.

Artless, however, seems like the most fitting description of Sanchez's way with words, regardless.

(Update: For what it's worth, which is pretty much nothing, I apparently broke this story -- meaning that DXM was the first outlet to mention that Sanchez had released a statement and to put it out there. The Hollywood Reporter even contacted me to confirm that it was on the up and up. See, I matter in this world. Guess I can untie the rope from around the rafters in my living room now and put the chair away.)


Izar Talon said...

Well, artless would usually also imply pretty straight honesty too, because if one hasn't taken the time to present what they're saying in the most artful manner, then they probably haven't given half a thought to lying, either.

So, well, that's always a plus.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that artful expression need not go hand in hand with stretching of the truth, just as the absence of artful expression need not indicate honesty, merely more stunted communication.

Where Rick Sanchez falls in all this only he knows.

surfer said...

No judgements here, really, because I've enjoyed (for the most part) watching Rick since his WSVN days, but I had to laugh at his comment "...and I know that they feel the same about me." Ummm, I think if that were truly the case, he would not be out of a job now.

kanye said...

I'll be honest, I didn't even make it through the first paragraph before I started wondering who wrote this for him.

It just doesn't sound like anything that I've ever heard come out of his mouth.

Alanna said...

Hollywood Reporter? Rockstar!!! Ok, keep this up. Stop fucking around in Miami and get back to NYC where you belong.

CNNfan said...

Chez said, "Apparently Jon Klein, the man who was largely responsible for CNN's well-documented slide from serious to ridiculous," and also said, "The trouble was a lot of people eventually saw Rick Sanchez as the personification of every embarrassing thing Klein was doing to the once-revered network;"

Well Chez, how would you like to be well-documented ?
I just programmed a Word Frequency Analysis and Common Word Analysys report at to well-document that your piece has 77 out of 146 words in common with this OFFICIAL STATEMENT. Seems to me, that's a lot of words 52% (77/146) in common, don't you think?
Report is reproducible in computer programming.

Would it be inartful or artless to
go ahead and block this comment? Please leave Jon Klein alone. Thank you.

Chez said...

Okay, see, your batshit crazy, stalkerish side is showing again, Tom. Time to take your meds, man.

Tracer Bullet said...

Inartful. Artless. Is there a tactful way to say "The Jews control the media"?

"A secret cabal of Jews control everything you see and hear . . . but they're doing a really bang up job of it!"

He said something stupid and bigoted. Covering it with a bullshit word like "inartful" just hollow and insulting.

CNNfan said...

So, the author of your piece and the author of the OFFICIAL STATEMENT are one in the same, not? Isn't that what we were led to believe?

On vacation blogging from an android cellphone sipping fruity drinks... While a news anchor who once publicly declared a long-time family friendship on CNN TV, to congratulate your promotion to NY, is in career crisis mode?

It's a crying shame, the saddest part, having to hide love and loyalty for long-time family friends. Where is your loyalty to your long-time family friends? It's not too late, Chez, unless that's really how you want to leave it? That you wouldn't even be seen in public trying to help your long-time family friends with your writing expertise in public relations?

Chez said...

Really, Tom -- pop a couple of Thorazines.

Alanna said...

Wow. reasoning with CNNfan right now is like reasoning with me PMS'ing. Not going to happen.

CNNfan said...

So, let's rewind: You made yourself scarce on Friday, October 1st to some remote location where you only had your Android cellphone for internet. A few fruity drinks later, an emotional "S■nchez, you F■cking d■mmy" tweet appears here on your Twitterrhea feed for everyone to see.

Like the CNN hologram you beam yourself back home from vacation on Saturday, October 2nd, and consider that making yourself scarce? Sounds like emergency management to me, like someone helping a family in need, supportive of a dear family-friend in the biggest crisis of your entire friendship together.

The longevity of is officially registered in public records with all fees paid in full through 2012.
The CNNfan community, has been in blogosphere the longest, in the news, as the place for CNNers to enter the blogosphere with fans. It is public domain that, goes back further in time than the official launch of facebook, twitter, iReport, deusexmalcontent and the many other spin-offs from The Original CNNfan Community.