Friday, October 08, 2010

Rick Current

I'm busy as hell today, so, hey, let's just let Sanchez speak for himself, shall we?

The Huffington Post: Rick Sanchez on GMA: "I Screwed Up," Comments Were Offensive/10.8.10

For the record, he's pretty eloquent and seems genuine in his willingness to take responsibility. That said, draping your arm over the back of the chair and crossing your legs doesn't exactly scream "humble and penitent." Nice move getting the book plug in there, though.


Anonymous said...

I saw him on GMA this morning and he made sure to plug the book at least twice.

Chez said...

Yeah. Really not the time and place to do it, but a) it's Rick's only thing going right now, and b) he's Rick.

toastie said...

"This book is more riveting than a Passover Haggadah! - Abraham Foxman"

CNNfan said...

and c) Rick's book is the only thing going right now, for Rick's enormous fanbase.

GMA said, "Radioactive Rick" on the air…
Sounds familiar ;-)

Amanda said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with the posting, but it's important, so I think it's worth hijacking your comments.

I, um, had a sex dream about you Chez. Let me rephrase that: I had a phone sex dream about you. Why I didn't dream about the actual act is BEYOND me, but I figured it's still worth mentioning.

Ok, you can get back to business.

Chez said...

Want my phone number?

Actually, the fact that you mentioned this on a post about Rick Sanchez is just creepy in all kinds of ways. : )

CNNfan said...

In a polite, pleasant manner, without criticizing Chez' comments at all. I do not feel that Amanda is creepy, nor is sharing her dreams creepy. It's not like we can control our dreams. And lots of fans who watched Rick are in denial, and mourning in their own way. Rejecting the reality.

The sudden change, that Rick is really gone from CNN. Fans are simply trying to reduce stress by turning to others to help them cope. Even in light of the irrefutable evidence they watched on Good Morning America. Things like that. I've seen it before.

FOX PR is brilliant when it comes to this. One of the keys to their success is that FOX takes responsibility and supports fans with a high quality internet bulletin board for fans to express their anger and fustration when something like this happens. So, if you wonder why FOX gets the highest ratings, there you go. Coming from a CNNfan, just being honest.

The fact that Amanda posted here, psychologically, may be a defense mechanism. Without realizing it, Amanda may be reaching out to other fans of Rick. If that is so, then Amanda is on topic.