Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quote of the Election Year

"If we amplify everything, we hear nothing."

-- Jon Stewart


Amy said...

Heh. That's the one that hit my FB status...

Anonymous said...

Jesus, I'm sick of all of the liberal blogger hand wringing about "what it all means" and if "Stewart jumped the shark." Did any conservative blogs fret so much about Beck's freak show? At times like this I think we liberals deserve the reputation as naval gazing pussies that the tea baggers have bestowed on us.

Can't we just enjoy the fact that the media is devoting an epic amount of coverage to the concept of sanity?

Anonymous said...

nice, "anon." Beck intended to go to extreme ridiculous heights because it was his M.O.. Stewart and Co. having to HAVE TO go to these heights to rally for moderation is unique.

In conclusion, you have a lot to honestly examine. Suck my balls.

Kevin Davis said...

Take a moment to read the difference between these two reaction pieces:


Fox News

Jesus Christ, you can almost feel the emotions of whoever wrote the second one.

anon other one said...

Totally agree. Take a page from the republicans and tea partiers, and stop overthinking it. It may lead to some negative press from the right, but that was going to happen anyway. Lessen the shame, and just stand up a bit. The key is to not become oblivious and avoid the echo chamber.

motheralex said...

I was there, came home, and watched it all over again. It will be one of the stories I tell, and am sure, as stories always do, become more grandiose.
That said, I've been to a lot of Rock concerts, openings at dive bars, spent my childhood years at the Hollywood Bowl, and this simply was pretty fucking cool.
The event was fun, but the end rant by Jon was priceless. It was worth getting up at 5:30 AM to get a ride to the Metro 2 miles away.
People were polite, gracious, and carried an air of humor, not hate. We saw no anti-chanting, mean-doers, or anything else. There is a fine line between showmanship and writing, and for the most part, these guys nailed it.
Bad side, fire your sound crew.
Conservative tallies are running at 150,000 thousand people+. We got there early, and they were already opening up parts of the Mall. Sure enough, folks were perched on the Washington Monument as we slowly made our way back home.

I'm glad I went.

Busayo said...

What Anonymous said. Keith Olbermanna's response to Jon Stewart's speech re: both sides should take a chill pill was basically "Nuh-uh, not ME! Stewart has jumped the shark with that speech."

So basically it's all fine when JStew makes cracks at the Republicans, but when he gives liberals the same treatment, everyone's all butthurt.

Aside from that, awesome Rally was awesome. In conclusion: Stewart/Colbert 2012.

Anonymous said...

And the other annoyance is the liberal horror at the notion that "at best this was just a big advertisement for the Daily Show." So? Given the God's work they do on that show, is it really so bad to stage a massive free event that brings more attention to it? When Stewart starts an online subscription only website that promises to unlock the "true conspiracies" we can start to wonder, but getting attention for what he does is all kinds of win.

I know there are the "stoop to their level" concerns, but who does't think Dems are in their current predicament because they learned nothing from how ruthlessly the Republicans ruled when they had the power?