Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Nancy Karibjanian: What opinions, of late, that have come from our high court, do you most object to?

Christine O'Donnell: Oh, gosh. Um, give me a specific one. I'm sorry.

Karibjanian: Actually, I can't, because I need you to tell me which ones you object to.

O'Donnell: Um, I'm very sorry, right off the top of my head, I know that there are a lot, but I'll put it up on my website, I promise you.

Wolf Biltzer: We know that you disagree with Roe v. Wade.

O'Donnell: Yeah, but she said a recent one.

Blitzer: That's relatively recent.

O'Donnell: She said 'of late.' But yeah. Well, Roe v. Wade would not put the power -- It's not recent, it's 30-something years old --

Blitzer: But since then, have there been any other Supreme Court decisions?

O'Donnell: Well, let me say about Roe v. Wade -- If that were overturned, would not make abortion illegal in the United States, it would put the power back to the states.

Blitzer: But besides that decision, anything else you disagree with?

O'Donnell: Oh, there are several when it comes to pornography, when it comes to court decisions -- not to Supreme Court, but federal court decisions to give terrorists Mirandize rights. There are a lot of things I believe -- This California decision to overturn Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I believe there are a lot of federal judges legislating from the bench.

Blitzer: That wasn't the Supreme Court. That was a lower --

O'Donnell: That was a federal judge. That's what I said. In California."

-- From last night's televised debate on CNN between Delaware Senate candidates Christine O'Donnell and Chris Coons

You know that scene in The Lost World where the tyrannosaurus comes bursting out of the cargo hold of the ship after tearing apart the crew, then proceeds to stomp off toward downtown San Diego while people scream and panic all around it -- and Ian Malcolm leans in to Peter Ludlow and says, "Now you're John Hammond"?

Well, that nationally televised moment last night when Christine O'Donnell completely melted down and you could practically see the gears inside her pea brain crunch to a halt, all I wanted to say was, "Now you're Sarah Palin."

That being said, I was thinking yesterday that even though it really does look like -- as with her mentor -- she doesn't stand a chance of making it to Washington through the usual channels, it probably doesn't matter anymore. Christine O'Donnell -- once again, like her mentor before her -- is now a celebrity, which means that if she wants it that way, we'll likely be saddled with her in one form or another for months if not years to come.

I will give O'Donnell one thing, though: I get the impression that she's a genuinely nice person and not half the mindless machine of naked ambition and opportunism that her personal Svengali is, so maybe if we're lucky she won't really know how to milk her new reality TV star status and will fade away into the annals of pop culture ephemera -- a mere object lesson to future generations, reminding them of a time when the political landscape was suddenly ruled by people with a whole lot of ideologic rhetoric and unfocused outrage, but not a lot of smarts.


ntx said...

I loved her comment about setting a withdrawal timeline for Iraq -- er, make that Afghanistan. She wasn't in favor because it would embolden terrorists, and besides, "When we were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan in the '80s, we didn't finish the job."

I'm not so sure O'Donnell will just fade back into the woodwork. We love out politicians stupid, because our litmus test is whether we would want to have them over to our house for dinner. And you sure wouldn't invite someone over if you thought they'd make you feel dumb, now would you?. She'll probably have a long career.

CNNfan said...

For ratings sake, I'd like to see her back on CNN often.

Riles said...

Complete déjà vu last night when this question came up. I thought I was back in the hell of a Bush presidency for a second there.

slouchmonkey said...

The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human... sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot.

NoxiousNan said...

Tonight at 6pm, Harry Reid vs Sharron Angle.

It's the one and only debate she's doing and I guess I should be grateful for even that. All my hopes are riding on her having a melt-down. Well, how could she not? I guess all my hopes are riding on tea baggers actually watching the meltdown and recognizing it for what it is.

It's scary how many Angle signs and stickers I see.

CNNfan said...

Nancy Karibjanian asked "What opinions, of late, that have come from our high court, do you most object to?"

Christine O'Donnell did not melt down. The vid is up on Huffpo. Technically, which is really simple to prove with a Webster's Dictionary, Christine answered properly, because "of late" means the immediate past.

Perhaps Karibjanian was the one confused, when she followed up with, "Actually, I can't, because I need you to tell me which ones you object to." in which (Oops!) Karibjanian drops the superlative "most" and then admits she could not even answer her own question. Why? Because the timeline makes no sense in the question?

Since Wolf was kind enough to correct the timeline error made by Karibjanian, let's follow his lead. Let's edit the followup by Karibjanian based on her own first question, "Actually, I can't, because I need you to tell me which [opinions from the immediate past] you object to." Huh?

The immediate past, "of late" could mean one second ago. Which would mean no opinions came down from the high court based on that question. Maybe none came down yesterday, or last week, or last month. At what point in time does the past, stop being immediate?

It is two against one on the record, Christine and Wolf against Nancy. Obviously, Christine was right. Using a basic dictionary definition confirms it.
Christine did not appear nervous, and had no reason to be. She may have simply reacted politely, just as Wolf did by adding 30 years to the immediate past of the question by Nancy Karibjania so that it would start making sense.

ntx said...

By saying "Huh?" the candidate for Senate bested the local TV anchor! Clearly, Delawarians will be well represented now that that's settled!