Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

"(Anderson) Cooper's own skittishness around the issues of language seem at once both genuinely compassionate and oddly awkward. Can a man who is so intensely private about his own personal life really lecture society about how to use words? The way we speak among our own tribes, after all, is different from what we'll permit from others, and our personal stake in words matters. If a lesbian friend wants to rag on her 'dyke haircut' I yield the floor -- and hold my tongue. Maybe that's why I found it odd when Cooper, who coyly referred to either that three- or six-lettered 'F-word' on 'Ellen' (Is there a difference? Is the longer version more hurtful?) didn't trip his tongue over 'bitch' in his Sunday interview with Eminem. Mr. Cooper, your selective umbrage is showing."

-- Mary Elizabeth Williams, in a good little piece in Salon examining the question of whether it's ever permissible to refer to something as "gay"

Look, if you can come up with a better word to describe Glee, I'm all ears.


Amy said...

The best line ever on TV was on Glee though.

That prima donna singer girl was trying to puke in the bathroom for some dramatic reason or another, and the counselor comes in

counselor: What are you doing?

girl: *crying* I am trying to make myself vomit, and I can't even do that right. Apparently I don't have a very good gag reflex

counselor: well, that'll come in handy later in life, that's for sure..

Jeremy said...

Another one word description of Glee?


Doc said...