Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pledge from America: Day 3

Another reminder that we're coming up on the tail end of our mini-fall pledge drive.

If you're a regular reader of DXM and it'll help you sleep better at night knowing that your humble narrator doesn't have to resort to being on the losing end of a Port Authority bathroom glory hole in order to keep this site afloat, then by all means, you know how to show some support.

Just drop a little cash into the Paypal tip cup over in the right-hand sidebar, or pick up a copy of my book Dead Star Twilight -- which you can purchase electronically and have downloaded immediately to your computer by clicking here. In case no one's told you, it's the feel-good book of the year.

A very big shout-out to Gordon Jennings, Tracy Salazar and the Tims, all of whom have been unbelievably generous. To everyone else who's shown my little experiment some financial love, I really do appreciate it. And to those who haven't, well, thanks for reading nonetheless -- and I hope you'll at least do me the favor of dropping a dollar or two through the hole when I'm done with you.

I think I'll have earned it. And I know who you are.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, outed for generousity!
Still going to the Sanity Rally? I'll be there...


Anonymous said...

I bought your book over a year ago. Thanks to my new Kindle I finally got around to reading it last month. I read your blog every day so I have to admit that reading your memoir felt a little like I was reading a friend's diary (if I had a friend that I have never met that lives a life a lot more interesting than mine). I thoroughly agree with the Arianna Huffington quote "fierce, funny, disturbing, but ultimately uplifting".

I've always said that shitty life experiences make great entertainment for others. Thanks for for sharing. It made me a bigger fan of yours.