Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Party Poopers

With just 13 days left until November 2nd, Joan Walsh in Salon points out just the three most recent examples of hilarious-if-it-weren't-so-sad Tea Party candidate extremism, befuddlement or general ineptitude.

Salon: Three Tea Party Videos All Voters Should See/10.19.10

And she doesn't even bother to get into G.I. Joe Miller's comment that America needs to build a fence along its border because, "If East Germany could, we could."

Remember, these clowns are the new heart and soul of the Republican party -- the candidates that her highness Sarah Palin taunts the GOP about, saying that it needs to nut-up and invest more "political capital" in them, or risk having a new splinter party emerge, completely separate from the GOP that exists now.

Because Palin has a proven track record of winning national elections and isn't just a reality TV star high on fame and willing to sabotage the Republicans over and over again as long as it feeds her insatiable narcissism. She's someone sane people in the party should definitely be listening to.


Riles said...

Can this all be over after November?


Tabi said...

November is just the beginning...

Anonymous said...

Did anybody see Beck doubling down on his "Tides is out to destroy America" rant? Jezuz.