Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Office Space

I really don't want to join in the pile on -- I swear. But the comparison of Rick Sanchez to Michael Scott -- complete with video evidence -- is just flat-out genius.

Point: Stewart.


djesno said...

i'm sure he's a nice guy, and i don't for a moment think he's racist (well, maybe for a moment, but nobody's white clouds and gold halos with wings) but, jeez, he's had a great run with his pompous vacuousness. he's a doof and unashamed of it. at the end of the day a winning smile and a persecution complex won't get you a whole lot of respect, but a whole lot of money probably doesn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see what Sanchez said warranted getting fired. Furthermore, I am so damn sick of how people, especially young people, seem to put Stewart on some sort of pedestal. Like everyone else, he plays a character that has been created by a team of people. Stewart wouldn't give any of us the time of day. So when Sanchez expresses his opinion that the man behind the TV character is a bigot, who are we to damn him? At this point in our history, I wouldn't be surprised if John Stewart fought small children in a Michael Vick style Dog ring...except of if someone came forward, everyone would crucify them for assailing the almighty TV jew on his TV jew network. See...this is what they do...their insipid evil shit and then the jews make you look like your the bad guy. Only thing worse are the irish.

Deacon Blue said...

With a line like this, Anon:

"See...this is what they do...their insipid evil shit and then the jews make you look like your the bad guy. Only thing worse are the irish."

I can't tell if it's parody or idiocy (the Irish? Really?), but in any case, while I have no idea if Jon Stewart would give me the time of day on the street, he is clearly more than just a character. I've heard him interviewed many times, and he is thoughtful, well-informed and incisive even on the fly...unlike someone like Glenn Beck for example, who IS a character (or a madman) and spouts nonsense at all times without any context, injection of reality or conscience.

And hey, in your next response, maybe you can work in some digs at Koreans, Turks and the Scottish while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

Deacon Blue...sounds like one of them gay loving Methodists or something...Again, your impression of the "bigot" is based off of an interview which obviously came from the jew run media. You ain't getting a clear and honest picture of the hate in this man's heart because his fellow jews are hiding it...like a Scotch man's willie in a sheep's ass. You don't have to be some slanted eye dog eater, or a hairy chested, Armenian genocid'n taxi driver to figure this shit out. Open your eyes and you see this shit all around you.

alwaysunnysomewhere said...

It's times like this that I miss Bill Orvis White...And only times like this.

Deacon Blue said...

Someone needs to either work on subtlety in their parody or needs to work on a very overblown case of misanthropy.

I'd offer you the hug you so clearly need, Anon, but then I might be tempted to shank you while I was up really close.

Yeah, I'm a ninja gay-loving Methodist, mothuhfucka! ...minus the Methodist part, though. Strictly non-denominational Christian.

Seriously, though, Anon, either work on your routine or get some counseling...whichever applies.

Anonymous said...

Now now Deacon Blue...going and throwing stones. Your the one that seems to have problems with Turks, Koreans, and Scottish seeing as you requested "digs" at them. Me, I just gave you what you requested...sorry you don't like what you see in the mirror.

Telling me I got to work on my irony. That's woman's work. You calling me a Sissie or something!

Deacon Blue said...

That's the spirit, Anon!

A multilayered joke (irony/ironing) bringing in the masculine/feminine stereotypes, a jab at feminism and some macho chest-thumping.

I might have to take back some of what I said about you.

As for my picks of racial groups in my own snide remark, what can I say? At a forum I frequent, a Scotsman who loves to talk about his drinking and his penis was bemoaning Turkish immigrants being a drain on the system in Germany. So, Turks and Scots on the mind that night.

As for Koreans, well, my father was crushed to death under an overloaded shelf full of Beta and VHS videotapes back in the 1980s at a Korean-owned video story in the Bay Area. I will never forgive any member of their race for that.

Anonymous said...