Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mr. Popularity

And now, a selection of commentary from the readers of the Huffington Post, in response to my column, God of War.

To truly appreciate the impact of the following, may I suggest listening to this as you read:

"I won't get in to detail here: But this invigorated screed distorting, caricaturing and demonizing Assange is predictable. It a familiar tactic in the conflicts going on in the battleground of the media. The U. S. military has been losing badly and obviously in Iraq and AfPak for nearly ten years. Now it and its mouthpieces are trying to make the farcical claim that Assange's exposures will harm its war efforts. Excuse me while I take leave to laugh at the laughable."

-- henryberry

"wonder why Huff Post is posting so much right wing nonsense lately. I just got through reading about all of Condolessa Rices's good qualities. What is happening?"

-- cheryl tobin

"What kind of person belittles revelations of mass crimes against humanity?"

-- blueskybigstar

"Who's blood exactly is on his hands? There's lots on yours, but I don't but his seem squeaky clean."

-- The Questioner

"War what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!' Endless corporate greed & endless corporate war are twin monsters devouring humanity. ANYTHING that can stop such madness, such evil, such insanity is a blessing for all of humanity!"

-- exoevolution

"I would have never redacted any documents released by WikiIeaks. Iraqi and Afghan victims have the right to know the names of their murderers and torturers."

-- fairwayhill

"The real Gods of War don't like the competition, eh? Puh-leaze! How many corpses must be tucked neatly behind the states secrets before they burst forth and cover the world in hatred and enmity?"

-- j0em0mma

"i have to disclose that i only read about half of this author's poem.. about his deep affection for authority and by extension his heartfelt responsibility to chime in on behalf of the extraordinarily powerful... when a reader encounters really tremendously bad writing or analysis or thesis or vision, etc.. why continue? we cannot read everything.. some of the outright propaganda must find its way to the 'unfinished' pile... i have read some CRAP. all the way through... but, much as with the article in question,.. if the vehicle has long since smashed through the guardrail and is plummeting plummeting plummeting so far as reason, logic, morality, self-worth, and dignity are concerned.. WHY read on as the obviously confused or threatened author plummets toward the conclusion of a VERY badly premised piece? gravity seldom reconsiders."

-- woodshoe

"More PROPAGANDA. The pentagon has killed more innocent people than Assange ever will."

-- fuzzychickens

"Your approach is right out of propaganda 101: shoot the messenger. Are you using this to put on the resume you're sending to F a u xnews?"

-- postrealitysyndrome

"'innocent soldiers' lol. what an oxymoron."

-- Danish5666

"The mentality displayed by the author of this piece is the real threat to more lives being lost and senseless wars continuing. It's people with this sort of mindset which led us into the Iraq war in the first place."

-- lonngfello

"In short, your piece is another hit job."

-- Dr. Jonathan David Farley

"'God of War'? Assange's goal is peace. If there is 'collateral damage' in the prosecution of war, then there must logically be EQUAL 'collateral damage' in the shutdown of that same war and prosecution of peace."

-- gmb007

"I bet Chez Pazienza had an apoplectic seizure after reading Greenwald's piece today. I'd love to see his little establishmentarian head explode."

-- The Baffler

"I know the first paragraph isn't really the point of the article, but thank you, Chez. It's about time someone said it."

-- Gogetter


VOTAR said...

I started reading 'woodshoe's' comment, but then there were, like, words and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yet more proof that there are dumbasses on both sides. When I skimmed the comments the early on, the fairwayhill chick seemed to be one of the worst. I've pretty much stopped reading comments for a lot of the more polarizing issues. You should skim the comments of Paul Krugman's blog Conscience of a Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Its utterly fascinating to me how both sides of any issue (lord its depressing we get ingrained that there are only two) don't see how their behavior consistently mirrors those they seem to have so much contempt for. Then again, I can never tell the difference between either side so I never what the fuck do I know.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You know that your piece has had a big impact when it moves people to make comments like these.

Not saying I agree with what you said or with what Assange did. Just that the truth is a relative thing - as Shakespeare said "nothing is right or wrong but thinking doth make it so" - and that self-righteous, truth-police who don't realize this need to be rebutted.

trish said...

The song juxtaposed with the comments... FUCKING. GENIUS. Bravo. I'm still laughing.

J. Dack said...

That's pretty funny. I didn't fully agree with all your points in that article but I really get a kick out of people thinking you're a right-wing Fox News conservatard.