Friday, October 15, 2010

Listening Post

So this morning I decided that I wanted to hear one of my favorites from the late, great Robert Palmer -- his cover of You Are in My System. I searched for it on YouTube, and not only did that song come up, but, of course, so did another related and totally underrated 80s neo-soul track from a band that seemed to quietly crank them out once upon a time.

Which means you get both -- because it's Friday.

Above, it's You Are in My System -- Below, the damn talented band that did the original version of that song and a whole lot of other great material, the System, with Don't Disturb This Groove.


Anonymous said...

Totally love both songs - often wondered what happened to the group, of the best songs of the late 80s, bar none...

Mike Reyes said...

I really wish we didn't have to say "The Late, Great Robert Palmer". Such a shame that he passed a couple years back. The man was, and always will be, a class act.