Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Listening Post

This is what I had to say about Lauren Pritchard right after seeing her in Spring Awakening a couple of years back:

"In particular, Lauren Pritchard is a revelation. Hearing her breathy, husky, yet completely vulnerable and feminine voice is like sinking into a warm and luxurious bath -- or having a little girl cup her hands around your ears while leaning in to tell you a secret. It's that life-affirming."

God how I love this girl, and I'm thrilled that she finally has a full-length album due at the end of the month.

Here's Painkillers.


Deacon Blue said...

Nice stuff. Voice sort of makes me think "Fiona Apple with blues/R&B undertones"

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved her in Spring Awakening, too. I had no idea her album was coming out this month...thank you!!

Mary said...

thanks for posting this, I enjoyed it as well, to me she sounds of the same ilk as Adele.