Thursday, October 28, 2010

Epic Rail

Watch this -- all twenty minutes of it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! It would be even more awesome if these tea party folks would watch this stuff and realise these people couldn't give a fuck about them or what they want.

VOTAR said...

Watched this last night. Another moment of jaw-dropping brilliance from Mr. Olbermann.

Unfortunately the thought that immediately came to mind is "what a shame." Olbermann has long ago been dismissed as a far-left partisan whose commentary will never be taken seriously by the very audience that could benefit most from hearing it. Dismissed through a decade or more of media manipulation by the powers that stand to benefit most from cultivating a population kept ignorant, gullible, and afraid.

It's just a shame that those of us who have an intellectual curiosity about the truth are the only people who will ever see it.

As a registered independent I'm not always thrilled about voting for Democrats, but this time I went out of my way to vote AGAINST republican/tea party candidates.

John Foley said...

I don't see how the media has conspired to dismiss Olbermann as a "far-left partisan." That's what he is. It's not an unfair description. The decision to take him seriously or dismiss him is up to the viewer.

Kevin Davis said...

@John Foley

Did you have any factual disputes with what Olbermann said? Or were you merely content to dismiss his argument by applying a meaningless label?

kanye said...

John, c'mon...Keith Olbermann has spent the last 30 years, his entire working life, in the service of for-profit corporations. That's something no self-respecting leftist would dare dream of doing.

If you judge him based on his opinions in relationship to the opinions held by a majority of Americans, you'll see him for what he really is: Fairly populist on some issues, slightly right of center on others. He's a mildly right-of-center centrist.

The fact that a person is to the left of the far right doesn't automatically qualify them as being "of the left".

John Foley said...

I don't dispute anything he said, I just don't think it's inaccurate to describe him as leftist.

Do you mean to suggest a "real" leftist has no interest in working for a living? There's no shame in being paid to do what you love.

toastie said...

Even sadder than those who won't see Olbermann's commentary is that ten-times the number of people probably tuned in to see Mary Hart interview Sarah Palin on Entertainment Tonight. I can't imagine how many seizures that must have caused.

marija said...

Oh my god! You could populate a medium-sized mental hospital with these cretins! It just goes to show that America really is the land of opportunity. But you should definitely lock these people up in a (privately financed)hospital. For everyone's good.

ntx said...

Keep the God damn government out of my mental hospital!

Kevin Davis said...

@John Foley

You actually said he was a "far-left partisan" which to me is a significantly different term. That phrase is as utterly meaningless to me as I've only heard that as a Bill O'Reilly talking point without any substantive or definitive characteristics, so I guess I can't say whether or not he is. I'd much prefer to judge his arguments by way of whether they represent sound conclusions from demonstrated facts than to pigeonhole him or anyone else into some meaningless designation. All "far left/right" does is push someone you disagree with into a category where you dismiss their arguments without actually addressing them.

VOTAR said...

Thank you Kevin for the definition, that's what I was, maybe clumsily, grasping at.

"...a disposition to make a certain argument does not make the argument false."

Mr. Olbermann's political leanings do not invalidate his efforts to expose teabagger hypocrisy and malfeasance. If he really is "left-leaning," this serves only to explain his efforts, but it does not dismiss them. If he really is more "mildly right of center," then really he's just doing his damn job, and frankly we need a lot more like him. I maintain that it's simply a shame that the propaganda machine set against those with the courage to keep telling the truth, has made it all too easy to convince those most in need of hearing it to disregard the messengers.

John Foley said...

I never said I was dismissing him for these comments. I definitely don't think he's right of center, though. Who's the center, Bernie Sanders?
Who is this "propaganda machine" we hear so much about? Fox News? Only Republicans take them seriously.

kanye said...

I know that you're being facetious, John, but yes, Bernie Sanders is the center.