Friday, October 15, 2010

Assistant To the Assistant Quote of the Day (This Is As Good As It's Gonna Get Today)

"That's right, in a showdown between nonpartisan sanity and partisan madness, the traditional media have boldly decided to... not take a stand."

-- Arianna Huffington on the move by various mainstream press outlets to prohibit their employees from attending Jon Stewart's "Rally To Restore Sanity" on October 30th


CNNfan said...


Role Call: FOXfans, MSNBCfans, ABCfans, CBSfans, NBCfans, PBSfans, BBCfans, Huffpofans, DXMfans, CNNfans, ... and fans of the news you (reading this) like to watch the most on TV. And please subscribe to your favorite newspaper, and news magazine before we lose them.

A big thank you to various mainstream press outlets for prohibiting employees. Not that fans don't love you employees, (you know we do) but this decision could be a boon for real fans to represent at the rally their favorite place to get news. So employees, please? It's OK. Let fans have a turn.

Another boon may be that a limit to the latest web technology, known as real life, means at best the gigantic social networks will be there stuck inside tiny cell phone screens. In effect if not in fact, prohibiting them from flooding out real life news fans and viewers at the rally.

Roket said...

Never fear. The event will be broadcast on Comedy Central, your most trusted source for news. No, really.