Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Traditional media, in its ever-increasing last-chick-standing-at-the-bar-at-TGI-Fridays desperation, certainly can't be blamed for grasping at whatever might look like a sure thing. Whether it's book publishers or movie studios or television networks, the words "built-in audience" are even sweeter to them than "will work on spec" ... But as crazy it seems to be saying this, more than 15 years into this whole Web thing, what works on the Net isn't necessarily meant for three cameras and a laugh track. And there's something arrogantly lazy about the vision of a pack of network executives sitting around asking, 'What are the kids into?'"

-- Mary Elizabeth Williams on CBS's plan to turn another Twitter sensation into a television show

Along the same lines, I said this way back in late 2006:

"Believe me when I tell you that there's nothing more sadly hilarious than sitting in a conference room with a guy who's never had a thought in his head that wasn't put there by a consultant, while he babbles with giddy hysteria about how the internet is the 'wave of the future' and we have to figure out a way to capitalize on it. It is, quite literally, like watching a Catskills comedian doing his best bits. 'This internet thing. It's BIG with the kids, I tell ya.'"

By the way, the best thing about Williams's piece is her implication that it might only be a matter of time before we see a TV version of Drunk Hulk.


Brian H said...

I have an account called @bluthquotes where I tweet quotes from Arrested Development. Maybe they can turn that into a show and then cancel it.

Chez said...

Pop culture is really just one big meta-Mobius loop by now.

Anonymous said...

Will we be hearing your 2 cents on the Andrew Shirvall Michigan gay stalking case?

Chez said...

I'll probably mention it later today. I'm swamped right now. But talk about, as John Cole put it, punching way below your weight class. The climate of crazy these days has really convinced the hate-filled idiots that it's okay to no longer hide in the shadows.

Anonymous said...

"While nowhere near as popular as @shitmydadsays, the account has more than 14,000 followers."

Reality television eliminated the need to deal with (read PAY) those pesky writers and their silly demands to pen new material every week.

Twitter, Facebook and MySpace (does it still exist?) all have built in ratings indicators: 14,000 followers. That's your reason right there. Some "brilliant" executive, certainly with good hair, told a conference room: "If we start using Twitter feeds to create shows we don't need to worry about paying for ratings anymore!"

And yes, I intended "...paying for ratings..." to be ambiguous.

After all, those "Cavemen" television commercials were hugely popular too!

toastie said...

@Brian H: good one!