Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quote of the Day

“All faggots must die.”

-- Comment left on the Joe. My God. blog, which is dedicated to gay and lesbian issues

The fact that somebody said something like this on a gay website isn't surprising. The fact that the comment was traced back to the office of Republican U.S. Senator from Georgia Saxby Chambliss is. Chambliss's spokesperson confirms it.

Actually, I take it back. It's not that surprising either way.

Chambliss says his people are working to weed out the loudmouthed asshole who's terrified of gays -- which means this could take a while. Get ready for the -- if you'll pardon the bad pun -- stonewall.

John Cole over at Balloon Juice brings up another great point -- that obviously the comment didn't come from Chambliss himself since at the time it was sent he was busy in D.C., engaging in the state-sanctioned homophobia of voting against the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.


Che Grovera said...

Given the number of conservative Republicans entrenched in the closet, perhaps this was a suicide note?

Alanna said...

Did you watch the Maddow Show last night? So damned good.

B8ovin said...

Pedantic though it may be, Chambliss and the rest of the Republicans didn't vote for or against anything. They blocked voting on a military spending bill that included Don't Ask Don't Tell.

In that vein I think this is how the Republicans are going to "help" America, the death by a thousand cuts: procedure the hell out of everything, get the voters angry at the lack of progress, blame Obama and run on that issue.

Deborah said...

I've been seriously "out of the loop" the last several days, due to a looming deadline and an upcoming exam. But, when I saw this, I was literally slack-jawed. I am horrified, and utterly terror-stricken for this country. As I just mentioned in another comment on this site, I have an 11-year-old son. I am divorced, and my ex and I do not see eye-to-eye on a number of social issues, although it's always been a sort of "agree to disagree" thing between us. I recently talked to my son about the fact that a VERY close family friend (albeit one that we don't see very often) is homosexual. My boy was surprised to hear this, but not in a horrified sort of way; just in an I-would-never-have-guessed fashion. Although my other child, my daughter, is only 4, I'm raising them with open minds and hearts, and I'm not being hyperbolic when I say that I fear for the world in which they will inhabit as adults. And I'm not anywhere NEAR the first person to make this observation, but so many of these intolerant fuckers make their pronouncements under Bible auspices. They call themselves "Christians", but clearly do not abide the teachings of the New Testament and of Christ himself (personally, I think that the Bible is, at best, an allegory; but these folks that live and die by it are sure good at selective interpretation).

J. Dack said...

Classy as always, those GOP folk.

Bill Orvis White said...

I love Saxby-met him at a Fix The Gays rally in Blairsville, Georgia back in 1997. I confess that when I was on the drink I used to say the same things that the staffer wrote. When someone writes that, he is not doing it with Sweet Baby Jesus in mind and a whole heart. Instead, the staffer should have written: "Attention Gays: You have all just lost your way by listening to the defective lust in your pants. But, there's hope through Sweet Baby Jesus, the Lord Almighty and photos of Miss Loni Anderson for the 'men' and the Honorable Tom Selleck for 'the ladies.' There's hope for you and you can get fixed."

Che Grovera said...

I learned my lesson about B.O.W. long ago, but I simply can't pass this up:

Your apparent conflict with Christine O'Donnell over masturbation notwithstanding, Bill, are you saying that lust is defective only when it isn't directed toward the opposite sex?