Friday, September 10, 2010

Quote of the Day

"The story of how one lone idiot, pimping an 18th-century brand of community terrorism, held the media hostage and forced some of this nation's most powerful people to their knees to fitfully beg an end to his wackdoodlery is an extraordinary one."

-- Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post, in a generally spot-on takedown of the media for the embarrassing elevation of the bullshit Koran burning story to the most important single news event in the world

Both Linkins and John Avlon over at the Daily Beast rightly compare the entire fiasco to a hostage crisis, an act of terrorism -- and the last time I checked, we didn't negotiate with terrorists.


Tim said...

I have to admit I don't understand why this guy is getting so much attention. Who gives a shit what one group of crazy people does to offend another group of crazies?

Anon said...

Because Tim, while we shouldn't give this baby his 15 minutes. But because we did; the simple fact of the matter is, to borrow from a recent Internet meme, teasing the panther.

By giving him attention, we have given him power to attract the ire of a people who, despite best efforts of their moderates, cannot reconcile their faith with intellectual reason, where the very idea of not believing, much less defacing their holy book puts them in a violent mood.

And since this douchebag of a pastor isn't anywhere near these people's physical reach, they'll settle for the next best thing - other members form the same nation he's from.

Yes, we should have ignored him.
But we didn't and now (if you ask me, anyway) we should hold him responsible for every soldier's death overseas this weekend.

spazmodeus said...

"...and the last time I checked, we didn't negotiate with terrorists."

We do, however, kiss, cuddle, and blow the terrorists if it means higher ratings. Seriously, Chez, have you forgotten everything you learned at CNN?

Busayo said...

The comments section in that second article made me introduce my forehead to my desk in a very physical manner.

C said...

Yet you too pushed the story onto your blog, making you part of the problem as well. Cover too much and everyone calls you a fool, don't cover enough and everyone cries cover up. Is there too much news coverage?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:42 puts it quite well. But there is also the Baby Jessica in the well element that has been a part of the news for decades.

Anonymous said...

The absurd sideshow to this circus is Fox News getting kudos from Howie Kurtz and others for not pimping this as non-stop as CNN and MSNBC.

Isn't that like congratulating an arsonist for having the good sense to leave the scene before the fire department shows up?

motheralex said...

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