Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Quote of the Day

"He just gave them the best political gift they never deserved."

-- Rachel Maddow on President Obama's not simply conciliatory but almost congratulatory tone toward the previous administration on the subject of the war in Iraq during last night's address to the nation

Well, it's official: They got away with it.

I'm generally reluctant to hammer Obama too hard because he's already getting it from all sides these days, but as of last night the entirely pointless folly in Iraq that killed thousands of Americans, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, led to the rise of an unopposed Iran, fomented hatred of the U.S abroad, and helped to sink our economy to the tune of billions of wasted taxpayer dollars has been relegated to nothing more than a controversial decision that the patriots in the White House were perfectly entitled to make -- rather than the crime of the century, which is what it really was.

That's the beauty of the Bush era: It fucked things up so monumentally that we have no choice but to concentrate on fixing the damage rather than tying ourselves up going after the assholes who handed it to us on a silver, shit-piled platter.


TheReaperD said...

I think one word sums it all up: FUCKERS!

Eric said...

It was never in doubt they got away with it. When the President said we'd be looking forward, not backward, and then forced his Attorney General to step back from his legally-mandated (under Federal statute and international treaty) duties to investigate alleged violations of the Convention Against Torture and possible war crimes, it was all over.

I mean, if you're not even going to investigate (much less prosecute) the alleged torturers and the lawyers and bureaucrats who enabled and authorized the alleged crimes, you sure as hell aren't going to go all the way down into the roots and look at whether a politically-toxic investigation of cabinet members and/or the Vice-President and/or President is mandated, are you? And, again, I'm only talking about investigations required, in my reading of the statutes, by Federal law. Hell, even some kind of everybody-feel-bad-and-apologize Truth And Reconciliation commission that aired claims and flagellated miscreants would at least be a headwag in the general direction of this country's legal obligations, but we're obviously not going to see that, either.

And hey, maybe we're stuck with that now, since at this point the Obama Administration may have violated the same laws and treaties merely by failing to enforce those laws and treaties--the Convention Against Torture doesn't make action discretionary, it creates affirmative duties on government actors made aware of torture allegations, though I guess you can get into a complicated discussion of the Anglo-American legal tradition of prosecutorial discretion at this point....


So, anyway, back on topic: the Bush Administration got away with a whole bunch of shit the week Obama was sworn into office. It was official years ago. Nothing new or unexpected that this was repeated last night.

Bill Orvis White said...


1. FOLLY? We're safer with Saddam Hussein gone.

2. FOLLY? We now have access to precious oil that gets you from your visits to the bathouses over to your expensive coffee shops where you buy $5.00 lattes.

3. FOLLY? You're able to write drivel like this because our fighting men are fighting the jihadists over there before they storm Battery Park, tackle you and try convert or simply behead you.

4. HATRED OF THE US OF A? Hussein Obama's doing that for us right now with his waving the white flag of surrender. Now, they hate us. Under my president-the Honorable Pres. George W. Bush, the world respected us because that rightful administration stared down the evildoers.

5. IRAN-They have the bomb and what's Lil Hussein doing about it? Nothing! It will take the Hebrews to end that dictator's nuke dreams.

6. ECONOMY-This is all Lil Hussein's fault. I'm a broken record now, but this installed "president" wrecked this economy with his huge tax increases and outrageous health care boondoggle. Yes, I said, "boondoggle!" So many are out of work because Hussein Obama destroyed this once-free nation with his far left radical ideas.

7. FOLLY? We're better off with a free Iraq. During the Bubba Clinton years, the people of Iraq were under a dictator! Now, they are free because of our fighting strong men and a strong military that was built up by President George W. Bush!

This war on terror was the right thing to do and George W. Bush will go down in history as doing the right thing. In 50 years, He will be remembered as this country's best president! How do I know? Because Dennis Miller said so. Freedom will spread through the entire Middle East and Southwest Asia because of the tough choices George W. Bush made. This freedom will spread like the kudzu that is growing my aunt's backyard.


Chez said...

Make no mistake: Obama took the nose-bleedingly high road last night. He said the only thing he could, given how badly things are screwed up right now. As I said, we have no choice but to close the book on this repulsive period in our history and look forward, if for no other reason than the clean-up of the mess made is just that all-consuming.

ntx said...

As satisfying as it would have been for Obama to rip Bush a new one on this occasion, that wasn't going to happen because it wouldn't have been appropriate. He was -- dare I say it? -- being presidential.

Anonymous said...

the only saving grace is the future... when the good ole' USA becomes the England of the 21st century and the rest of the WORLD decides that Bush etal. can be brought up on war crimes.

can't wait.

and bill.... hang him as an accessory.

BenoƮt from Ottawa said...

Dear Orville, fyck you.

You lie* with numbers, 1, 2, 3, etc.

*'Lie' here means 'what you say does not conform with the facts, as I've seen them develop over the years'.

Anonymous said...

Whether you agree or disagree with the judgment of the invasion of Iraq, I am always amused the distinct attempt to mask the facts surrounding the 2003 invasion.

In fact, I recall the phrase “rule of law” being thrown about so much during open hostilities, when it was the rule of law being followed by the 2003 invasion, regardless of how the justification was couched.

* On August 2, 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Operation Desert Storm commenced shortly thereafter with the first combat troops returning to the United States in March of 1991.

* The Persian Gulf War formally ended only after the conclusion of a peace agreement with coalition and the Iraqi government, including Saddam Hussein.

* Within months of the peace treaty being signed, Saddam Hussein began a systematic and provocative renunciation of that peace treaty from 1991 until 2003. This includes refusing to abide by the critical portions of allowing United Nations inspectors to visit designated sites and repeatedly firing missiles and anti-aircraft weapons at peacekeeping personnel.

* The peace treaty specifically states that Iraq’s refusal to abide by the terms of the agreement shall, not may; shall, results in the commencement of combat operations against them.

Weapons of mass destruction or not, Saddam bluffed and bullied his way into a recommencement of the 2001 Persian Gulf War, as per the rule of law.

B8ovin said...

If history has taught us anything it's that after the U.S. has ended one of its wars the only apt phrase is, "And they all lived happily ever after."

Marsupialus said...

Where does Billy come up with this shit? I mean really? Does the man have a brain in his head? And I love the 'lil hussein' thing. Ooh, the president has a funny name, he must be -- a foreigner. Billy, your talking points have been "refudiated" over and over. So go away and take your zombie lies with you.

Thomas Bailey said...

I'm thinking that Bill is just being funny, as in The Onion-type funny, maybe. Surely he can't be serious about #7. Sure, they're "free" in the basest sense of the word, but now have no infrastructure, no (working) security whatsoever, and get strategically bombed by insurgents just about every freaking week. Say what you will about Hussein, but he did not attack us on 9/11, PERIOD. That makes it a folly, right there.

But onto my previous point, I think Bill's just sitting back, having a laugh, and trying to make as many people pissed-off as possible.

drater said...

Thank you Bill White for introducing "the kudzu of freedom" into my lexicon. Hope your aunt and her backyard are well.

Kyle said...

When the Republicans retake the House next January (and we all know it's coming), the investigations will start immediately. Hell, they've been waiting for a chance to impeach President Obama since election night 2008.

The thing is, as Eric touched on above, the Obama administration may be just as guilty as their predecessors when it comes to things like torture, rendition, and surveillance issues. I'd like to think the Republicans wouldn't go after Obama on that stuff, as it would, as a matter of course, implicate Bush/Cheney and possibly some Republicans in Congress, but I'm not so sure they'd be able to pass up the chance.

And again, as Eric said:


Anonymous said...

I would breathe a sigh and agree that it's best just to move on, but there is a problem with that mindset.

Moving on without so much as a slap on the wrist encourages further lack of accountability in the future. A clear message has been sent that the President is unlikely to answer for anything done during his term(s) of office, much like what happened when Nixon was let off the hook.

Expect more of the same in the future.

Chez said...

Yeah, Kyle, Cesca's been rightly harping on this theme for quite a white: that if the Republicans take Congress in a few months the government won't just grind to a stop -- it'll immediately suck the entire country into a series of ludicrous 90s style investigations and attempts at impeachment. You can absolutely count on this. And what's worse, we don't have the kind of prosperity we had in the 90s which allowed this nation to somehow survive such inanity. We'll sink under the weight of the self-righteous stupidity and political posturing.

Bill Orvis White said...

@Marsupialus I spread the truth here on the Internets with its pipes of secularism, disease and hatred towards Bob Eubanks. The facts are facts when it comes to this righteous crusade in Iraq. When President Cheney takes the Oath (and he will do it right), He will re-engage Operation Iraqi Freedom, expand Gitmo, end the failed operations in Afghanistan and begin Operation Iranian Liberation - since no one before President Cheney had the guts to go into Tehran. The incredibly failed Hussein Obama administration will be just an unimportant blip in this once-free nation's history - even worse than the failed Jimmah Carter years. History will always show that these two administrations were filled with a hatred towards the majority American population that loves God and freedom.

God Bless,

Trixi said...

"Because Dennis Miller said so..."

Ohhhahahahaha! I love me some Bill White! Hahahahahahaha! Whew!

Anonymous said...

oh bill, thank you for remaining the clown prince of middle american boobs.

and you DO say the most homoerotic things!

Marsupialus said...

Bill, baby, won't you go home? And, by the way, there is no god.