Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pastor Manipulator


And by surprise I mean, not the least bit surprising.

TPM: Florida Church Cancels Koran Burning/9.9.10

Word is Pastor Jones now plans to travel to New York City to meet with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf about the latter's non-existent plan to move the officially covered-to-death "Ground Zero Mosque."

Look, just stay put, Terry -- you silly little megalomaniac. The hijacking is over, your fifteen minutes are up, and you now get to go back to being just another redneck dumbshit from Central Florida nobody gives a crap about.


Mart said...

Bunch of bullshit going down on this announcement including moving the "Ground Zero Mosque". The only coverage this clown should get should detail what a sick bastard he is. Where are the stories like der Speigel did on his damaged flock in Germany who tossed his ass out? Please make the weekly manufactured cable circuses would go away.

Anonymous said...

This guy is nothing more than an inbred shitstain.

Nathan said...

I don't know if you saw it, but Shirley Phelps-Roper is pissed off because the Westboro loonies burned a Quran in D.C. a few years ago and nobody paid any attention at all. She thinks Jones is just an attention whore.

"They'll browbeat him and he'll back down at the last minute," she said.

"He's an apologist. He doesn't serve God."

(The story is on


@DwainIBe said...

It was always about the attention.

60ft6in said...

Hey Jonesy, some people have had a Fatwa edict issued against them for lesser offenses. Don't tempt fate unless you are suffering from a terminal disease. And please--don't put our troops in harms way! Your behavior puts you below Bush the Younger on my political/religious/public figure totem pole.

toastie said...

I figured that no one in the congregation knew where to find a bookstore.

Busayo said...

It says something about this asshole that I haven't heard ANYONE from the lunatic right-wing fringe movement defend this guy. You know you're too out there when even Glenn Beck tells you to knock it off.

Then again, Glenn Beck was probably worried that Jonesy' stunt would have taken the spotlight away from his 9/11 speech in Anchorage, so there's that.