Thursday, September 23, 2010


Just throwing this out there: Am I the only one who's sick of OK Go's contrived and gimmicky music videos?

At the rate they're going, in a couple of years the only way they'll be able to outdo themselves is by amputating their own limbs one by one without a cutaway.

EW: OK Go's New White Kunckles Video Delights/9.20.10


Riles said...

You're not alone Chez. I've never watched even one all the way through, and I'm sick of them. I just have no interest.

Anonymous said...

What? The last video with the ducks following them around the park was classic. Classic what? I don't know, but still classic!

Thomas B said...

Aw, really? I think they're quite sweet. Nice to see something uncynical from time to time, IMHO.

Chez said...


ntx said...

I think it's real admirable that OK Go has managed to successfully work its way out of the record-making machine. Not so admirable that they're a one-trick pony. A few years from now, expect to find them opening for a Blue Man Group touring show.

Alanna said...

I thought you liked their last video!

Chez said...

I did?

Prophet of Ra said...

The most frustrating part about these videos for me is that they're all put together by loads of unpaid PAs (some of my friends, among them), but it's not like they aren't mad successful and can't afford to pay for the work done for them. Unpaid work is becoming an epidemic in the film industry, and there is no reason for it. Shame on OK go. Also, I agree with Riles... haven't watched one all the way through yet. They lose their stamina after about a minute and a half

djesno said...

I'll go with this: I became a fan of OK GO after seeing them perform on Letterman about eight (or so) years ago doing the song "get over it." Working as a DJ in a topless bar I was able to get four or five girls to dance to that song on a regular basis just because it was a bad-ass fucking song. On another (somewhat related) note, being a poor-ass titty bar dj (and just being poor, in general) means that you overpay for shitty internet service. I've personally been paying double what everyone else pays for one tenth of the bandwidth everyone else gets for five years merely because of my horrible credit rating (don't get me started on how being poor keeps my credit rating low and having a low credit rating keeps me poor.) As a result, I don't have the necessary bandwidth to get to watch video's online. However, I've been tangentally aware of their video exploits, and have even seen the video featuring the treadmills. I've been a fan of their's MUSICALLY for some time and I say, "MORE POWER TO YA, FUCKERS!"

In today's "be-a-spectacle-at-whatever-cost" mentality, at least they try to make videos that are a construction of something positive (and let's not forget that their songs are pretty good in the early-80's pop quartet tradition) instead of the breakdown/trainwreck pop-pablum that is fodder for so much real and virtual ink. I know that they have five or six songs that I personally put into rotation for myself REGARDLESS of their videos. If their songwriting has slacked in lieu of the showmanship of their videos, then I digress. I only saw their most recent one with the dogs with the sound off on CNN at work today. However, if they're still writing smart pop as they have in the past, then I say that they should blast off as many fireworks, shoot as many guns in the air, paint as many obscene murals or whatever it takes to get people to notice....More power to them. Just my 2 cents.

--- Eric +4

djesno said...

Chez, be honest, now.....You would think that they were the best band EVAH if they had a hot 22 year old smart (but with issues) brunette with a suburban snotty attitude singing for them! Don't lie!

Thomas B said...

Yep, I think you did, Chez. You were completely gaga over the kick-ass Rube Goldberg thingy-doo.

Chez said...

Hmmm. Well, there was a pretty dark period in my life there for a while where I wasn't quite myself. That might be it. Or maybe now's the dark period, hence why I suddenly don't like OK Go. Either way, my issue these days is that these guys keep having to outdo themselves with each new video so they're basically a gimmick band at this point.

djesno said...

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L. said...

My sister and I have had this exact conversation a number of times.

On the one hand, they're evil geniuses for doing it because I bet a solid 60% of people who've bought their stuff recently didn't care about them before. On the other hand, their insistence upon repeatedly making gimmicky videos kind of makes me want to punch them in the throat and I haven't even bothered watching more than 10 seconds of any of them.

Does that make me a bit of an asshole? Probably, but it's hardly news to me.

The bottom line is that this sort of shtick is perfect for grabbing the interest of people like my Mom who will buy a cd if she hears a song on the radio more than twice.

Heather Hansma said...

Sorry, Chez. Their silly one shot videos fill my cold, black heart with happies.

Chez said...

Fair enough. It's admittedly a really entertaining video. Still kind of irritating, though. Just because.

Grumble grumble.

DragonIV said...

Music videos in general are crap--be it gimmicky crap, pretentous crap, boring crap, or just crappy crap. OK-GO succeeds in amusing me, even if it's amusing crap.

J. Dack said...

When I started seeing people post the video(s) and saying "You don't even need sound to enjoy this!" I officially decided to tune out.

Taking the music out of music now? Christ...

maxpurr9 said...

i have no idea who this band is....i just liked the dogs. i'm a sucker for dogs.